Top 5 underrated Ed Sheeran songs!

Top 10 underrated Ed Sheeran songs 11. Cold Coffee

This song was on Ed’s second Homemade album titled: “Songs I wrote with Amy”. It’s a beautiful song, and the lyrics are…well it’s Ed they are obviously beautiful! (This song sounds amazing live by the way!)

2. Autumn Leaves

This song is an extra track on Ed’s second Studio album “X”. It’s again amazing, a right tear jerker.

3.  Friends

This song is an obscure one, as it is an extra song on the “Sing” EP which is the lead single from “X”. This is one of my all time favourite Ed songs ever.

4.  Little Bird

This song is on Ed’s first ever album (even though it was home made), “Loose Change”. It often gets confused with the Annie Lenox song titled the same.

5.  U.N.I

This song is the third track in Ed’s first studio album “+”(2011). This is probably the most well known out of all 5, but it’s one of my all time favourites, a combination of melodic rapping, with a soft guitar playing through the background, and his angelic voice just tops it off. (And yes I do know every lyric to this song, it took me a long time).

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