FRIENDS -- Season 10 -- Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani -- Photo by: Matthew Ralston/NBCU Photo Bank

Top 6 Food Quotes by Joey from Friends

When one is talking about Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) from FRIENDS, it would be very hard to miss out on two distinct features of his personality- his best pick up line ‘How ya doin? ‘ and ‘Food’ . Joey would not look left or right when there is food in front of him. The world becomes oblivious to him. His full concentration is focussed towards the plate of food . In fact, it would not be wrong to say, looking at his flirtacious attitude with girls that probably ‘food’ is his steady girlfriend.

Joey has delivered some of the best one-liners when it comes to food. Here is a list of six best food quotes by him.


Wherever there is food, there is Joey. It would be blasphemy in such situation to not give food to him. In Chandler’s style one can safely ask ‘Could there be sufficient food ever to satisfy Joey’s hunger? ‘


No, Joey certainly does not share food. He is more than willing to leave his girlfriend but he would not let anyone take food from his plate. In fact, According to Rachel he did not even let baby Emma take few grapes from his plate !


Amazing way to save food from getting spoiled isnt it? If the fridge does not work properly or it breaks down, the simplest way to keep food safe is by eating it.


For Joey, no food in this world is bad. Every food is good! From fries and custards to meat and buffalo wings.


Being the straightforward person that he is, he has no hesitation in letting people know about his love for food and his ‘food behaviour’.


This just had to be on top of the list. even if the world comes to its end, Joey would still wait for the food.

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Written by CelebMix