Top 7 Best Ringtones for the 80s Music Lovers

Each generation and each decade brings something new to the world of music but there has never been a decade as crazy and as prolific for that art as the 80s. Starting with Michael Jackson and ending with Metallica, the 80s have arguably been the most prominent period in the history of music that left a long-lasting legacy of awesome songs. If you are feeling nostalgic, or you are a youngster who wants to hear what the music of the 80s was like, here you go, the top 7 best 80s ringtones.

Billie Jean — Michael Jackson

Well, if you talk about music, you must mention the King. Billie Jean is exactly what comes to mind when people talk about the 80s, pop music, or Michael Jackson. I cannot help but sing and try to mimic those classic Jackson moves while writing this one. This is what pop music was meant to be, that is what the King intended the pop to be. If you are one of those people who hate modern pop, try listening to this.

Ride the Lightning — Metallica

If you were looking for the 80s music ringtones that make your mind explode, then this one is for you. Metallica’s Ride the Lightning song from the same-name album established the band’s position of the leading metal band of our time, so you must definitely check this one out. If you know Metallica by Nothing Else Matters only, maybe it is time for you to hear some of their heavy stuff. Do yourself a service and go listen to this song right now because it surely is one of the best pieces of music ever created.

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

You can write an entire essay on this one and the impact it has produced upon the heavy stage. The first single by legendary Ozzy Osbourne, this one is worth all the awards it received and more. This song proves that writing a heavy metal song is the art that requires the combination of talent, skill, and a fair share of angel’s dust to accomplish. That is not something you can just order on writing service Study Moose, though you can of course try, it is a task only the craziest of the musicians can embark on. That is why you must service yourself with a nice little trip on that Crazy Train.

Sweet Child O’ Mine — Guns N’ Roses

So, as you might’ve noticed already, the free 80s music was predominantly heavy. While we cannot really deem Guns N’ Roses a heavy band, this one surely rocked like crazy. You can check practically any essay writing service and find several essays on the music of the 80s that include this band and this particular song as one of the best songs of the decade. Who are we to say it’s not? It surely is an awesome song that took much time and effort to write. This song is exactly what the 80s rock’n’roll was, crazy, kinda glamorous, fun, and loud.

Dead or Alive— Bon Jovi

One of the most recognizable songs by Bon Jovi, Dead or Alive is the epitome of what the 80s lifestyle was for thousands of young people in the US. Thousands of students left schools to pursue careers in music, some left to just ride their bikes all night, some just did not want to write any more of them essay assignments. This song is about a runaway rebel who rides his bike until dawn and has nothing to lose but music. This song really lets you feel what it was like for the young people of the time to be the rock’n’roll children, to long for freedom and never actually be free.

Eye of the Tiger — Survivor

There probably has never been a song as motivational and empowering as Eye of the Tiger. Just listen to it! Doesn’t it make you want to take on the entire world? I bet it does. Listening to this song is a music equivalent to having yourself bitten by the radioactive tiger that turns you into a superhero. If you are having a bad time, or you don’t feel motivated to do anything at all, just listen to this song, and it will rock you just right. Then play this song again and fill your veins pumping with electricity and power.

Careless Whisper — George Michael

If you expected another heavy or rock’n’roll song here, you were wrong. Careless Whisper is arguably the sexiest song of all times, the song that tells us the sad story of love and betrayal, the song that makes us all dance dramatically swaying our hips to the sax melody that pierces your heart and makes you beg for love. The sax solo in this song is probably the most recognizable melody of all times and you cannot deny the sheer awesomeness of that melody.

Here you have it, top 7 ringtones from the 80s that will make you recall those good old days or make you feel like you time traveled a bit. Enjoy these songs, use them as your ringtones, and don’t forget to check other classic 80s songs. This was a great decade for the world of music, so you have much more to explore. Go ahead, and you will surely find some songs that will make you want the 80s to come back. Enjoy the good music, find something new, and don’t forget to keep the spirit of rock’n’roll alive.

Written by CelebMix