Top 7 Online Mafia Themed Games

The idea of being a mafia boss might give you an irresistible sensation. Furthermore, the gangster lifestyle is one of the greatest things boys and brave girls grow up admiring, especially if they are into movies. Essentially, beautiful women, fat bank accounts, and roaming the city with expensive cars remain the most dominant life aspects associated with mafias.

The mafia theme has attracted attention from various corners including from book writers, musicians, and movies. However, one can only relate to the mafia culture after interacting with such material. Perhaps, online mafia themed casino games are the closest some of us can get to a mafia lifestyle. The case is so because such games usually carry high RTPs, and the interface puts you in a mafia environment. In this article, we have listed seven mafia-themed games to help you get started.

The Slotfather

The Slotfather is arguably one of the most captivating online slot games with bonus rounds you will ever play on the internet. The 3D slot game is characterized by five reels and 30 pay lines. Like many other mafia games on the internet, the Betsoft’s Slotfather has a main character who is also the game’s mafia leader. Essentially, the mafia leader gives a player the highest winnings and bonuses if they are lucky to get them on the pay line. For this game, the leader is the Godfather and is surrounded by various scatter features. 

Online gamers are more attracted by bonuses and a clean interface than anything else. Therefore, the creators of the Slotfather were sure to add free spins, a Slotfather bonus round, and various multiplier mob bonus options. And like the names of the bonuses suggest, the Slotfather symbol is responsible for triggering the bonus round while the old gangster featured in the game will give you free spins. This slot machine game’s interface is characterized by smooth and gambling appealing animations, and this, coupled with the $150 single-spin maximum amount, is a great turn on for gamblers. Furthermore, the game has an RTP of 95.69%, and you are guaranteed a big return.


Scarface is one of the most popular mafia-themed games based on a movie. The game has maintained its popularity among the online gaming community, perhaps due to the appearance of the legendary Al Pacino. With five reels and 20 pay lines, NetEnt has built a remarkable video slot game, thereby captivating the souls of many slot lovers. 

Perhaps the use of original images and the incorporation of real movie scenes in the video slot are the key factors that separate the Scarface from other online mafia themed games. Furthermore, the game does not come with the obscene sights of drug use and violence you would see in the movie, but it has some authentic background music. The combination of the music and other features takes you back to a movie theatre while you continue playing. 

Scarface, like other mafia slots, has several wilds representing the main actors in the mother-movie. You will, therefore, see Elvira, Manny, and Tony Montana. Even better for the player, these characters will randomly come together to deliver a winning combo, after which a movie scene will be triggered.


I know you may first think this game’s name has a typo if you are one of the few online gamers who are yet to try its best. But can dogs have a Dogfather? Microgaming, the creators of this game, have made every effort to bring a sensational slot game from the canine and paw animals. A tobacco addicted bulldog leads the pack with a cigar in his mouth while other mobsters are represented by several dog breeds. For people obsessed with pets, this is more than just a game, even though the game is designed to captivate and entertain even the choosiest gamblers.

Five reels and 20 pay lines are an attractive feature of this slot where the Dogfather, the leader of the mafia, gives players the highest payouts. It does not end with the Dogfather since the Scattered Itchy-da-flee will offer a player free spins from time to time throughout your play. Additionally, you will have to create your own territory using hydrants and participate in a selection game, after which your bet multiplier will be revealed. With an RTP of 95.52% and a generous Dogfather, you can easily make a return from this online mafia-themed game.

The Godfather

Every mafia has a leader, whether it belongs to a movie storyline, a fiction novel series, or a real-life outlaw gang. The Godfather is a video slot that is centrally based on gangster activities. The Godfather’s interface brings you some of the most sensational cinema scenes and lines. 

Additionally, the five-slot game has two optional fixed pay lines of either 20 or 25. Even the best is that the game involves some characters that most mafia lovers would identify with. Don Corleone is the leader in this game, while you will find Philip Tattangalia and Luca Brassi in the game as well. While in the gameplay, these three characters will combine in the Family business symbol to randomly give a player high payouts. 

The Godfather mafia game has various on-reel features that are unlocked as you continue playing. Therefore, the more time you spend on the game, the more you are likely to win, and the higher the chances of getting the family business symbol. If you have already watched The Godfather movie, then you will not be surprised at how it has been transformed into a slot full of action and rich visuals.

Jungle Mafia

The Jungle Mafia is a perfect selection for gamers who love jackpot winnings and a flawless interface. Jungle Mafia is an animated 5-reel slot game featuring only five pay lines. And while you may already have thought about the low number of pay lines, you will be surprised that the game does not disappoint. Yes, this is because even with five pay lines, you can still win a jackpot of up to 2,000 coins. 

Jungle Mafia has various scatter symbols with the Lion King being the mafia boss and thus attracting higher returns than the rest of the symbols. Playtech has certainly done a commendable job of giving the Jungle Mafia crew a jungle to live in and accentuating this with the cartoon-like animals. Do you love animals? You will perhaps enjoy seeing the tobacco addicted chimpanzees smoking cigarettes while leaping with every reward you get. Besides the Lion King and the Chimps, you will also see other interesting animals, including baboons, the hippopotamus, a beautiful lioness, and some green snake. All of these symbols are designed to maximize your winnings.

Cops N’ Bandits

Putting the police against bandits is perhaps one of the best decisions when you want to create a mafia themed online casino game. Playtech has not disappointed in creating a lively online game that goes a long way to bring fun to players while at the same time rewarding them handsomely. Cops N’ Bandits is an outstanding casino slot that will certainly captivate many gamblers. 

While playing this game, you will be part of a police unit that is tasked to catch and apprehend bandits that are terrorizing the city. Slim McThin will be the top cop in the unit while Tiny George and Skinny Larry are the key bandits. The game has various scatter symbols, including a police badge, the wild, and a mystery suspect, among others. While you continue playing the game, the police badge will be your free spins source, and the mystery suspect will activate the Line-up bonus. 

Unlike other games, you must be very careful when playing the Cops N’ Bandits since a case of mistaken identity of the part of the criminal will cause a penalty. On the other hand, you will be awarded the prize money displayed at the top of the screen. With this game, you can wager up to $750 and get returns in the rates of 95.31% (RTP).


Chicago slots are a unique mafia game. First, it is not associated with any mafia themed movie or series but is rather designed to depict the prohibition era. The 5-reels slot game by Novamatic features 20 pay lines where you can play with up to 500 credits in each pay line. The Chicago mafia slot game takes you down to over a hundred years ago when there was little technology, and organized crime was thriving. In this game, the police are depicted as corrupt–or are they just corrupt? And on the one hand, it is a merciless gang facing a weak sheriff on the other. 

If you have ever wanted to be part of a mafia, then this is perhaps the best safe shot where the game is a game feature that puts the gun to you. While you have it, shooting bottles gives you a series of win multipliers dubbed the Bottle shooting Bonus. Various other scatter symbols will help you double your winnings and activate free games. Even if the game is not based on any movie, in particular, it is just as sensational as the Dogfather or any other top game you can think of. 

Written by Monella