Top Casino Games Played By Celebrities

You’d be surprised at how many celebrities actually enjoy gambling. Some of them are actually good at it too! But, it seems like there are certain casino games that A-listers enjoy more than others. If you’re interested to find out what they are, read on for more.


Poker is a firm favorite among celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Tobey MacGuire, Ben Affleck, Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps and actress Shannon Elizabeth. Although most celebrities play poker for the fun of it, others tend to take it more seriously, and Hollywood stars have been known to make massive bets on a poker game.

Take Shannon Elizabeth for example, she so loved the game of Poker that she decided to turn pro. Now, she’s a regular on the gambling circuit and regularly participates in the World Series of Poker Championships.

Of course, NBA athletes have been known to enjoy a game of poker as well, with some of the more avid recreational players including NBA legend Allen Iverson and Paul Pierce who’s actually expressed a desire to turn pro when he retires from basketball.


If you’re an avid gamer, then you know that Roulette is a fun and popular game among casino regulars. Celebrities seem to agree because the game has attracted the likes of Harry Styles, Dj Tiesto and Tiger Woods to name but a few.

In fact, Harry Styles has been a fan of the Roulette Table since before he was even old enough to legally play. Remember that famous incident when he and his band mates were thrown out of a casino for being too young to play?


Baccarat is a classic card game that’s perfect for the sophisticated player and it can be quite addictive too! Some of the most famous Baccarat players include such famous names as “The Empress of Soul” Gladys Knight and James Bond writer Ian Fleming. NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan and award winning actor Jackie Chan have been known to enjoy the game as well.

Out of all the games in this list, Baccarat seems to be the most addictive. Gladys Knight is said to have spent $40, 000 in one night because of the game and she still enjoys it to this day.

Meanwhile, Ian Fleming so loved the game that he even featured it in his James Bond books.


Craps is an enjoyable dice game that has been known to rouse quite a bit of passion from players and spectators alike. Perhaps this has something to do with knowing that two small dice can change the course of a player’s life.

The game seems to be quite popular among NBA stars specifically, especially heavyweights like Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson. Rumor has it that MJ would occasionally organize exclusive Craps duels for his NBA buddies in private gambling rooms after a victory on the court.

Whether that story is true or not is up for debate, but we can confirm that A-listers like Charles Barkley, John McCain, Ben Affleck and Mike Ashley are all avid dice shooters.


BlackJack is arguably the most popular casino game in Tinseltown. Some of the most famous aficionados of this game include 50 Cent, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (no surprise there). Affleck is so good at the game that he’s taken many of his A-list friends to the cleaners on more than one occasion.

Sean “Diddy” Combs is often asked to open BlackJack games at casinos because of his love of the game, while actress Jennifer Tilly left her career to become a professional BlackJack player. Even “His Airness” Michael Jordan has been known to swap the dice for cards just to enjoy a game of BlackJack.


We all know that celebrities love to splurge and enjoy their hard-earned money on expensive pursuits. Whether that’s flipping mansions, collecting classic cars or enjoying a game of Poker, it’s all in a day’s work for these A-listers.

As you can see from the above list, celebs love the adrenaline rush of online casino slots and live table games as much as the next guy.

Written by CelebMix