Top Casino Influencers

Marketing trends have changed over the years thanks to technology and the innovation of social media platforms. One of those upcoming trends is influencer marketing, and the online gambling industry is catching up fast. Casinos and sportsbooks reach out to people with influence to help push their brands online and have more players jumping on the bandwagon.

Most casino influencers already have a passion and interest in the industry and start sharing gaming content as a hobby. Most produce content for brick and mortar casinos while others focus on doing online slot reviews. Then slowly, more and more people engage with their content and form a small community with the same casino interests. This article will highlight some of the top casino influencers in the two most popular casino social platforms; YouTube and Twitter. 

Top YouTube Influencers

YouTube influencers can reach a large audience who will follow some of their reviews. Casino operators are known to offer influencers lucrative deals to play and promote their games. On YouTube, here are some of the big names in online casinos. 

  1. Albert’s slot machines

The channel enjoys a mass following of over 59k subscribers and provides a platform where followers get up-to-date information on new casino slots. Albert’s channel also promotes online casinos by posting five games a week for followers to watch, learn a few tricks and enjoy.

  1. Brian Christopher

With over 50k subscribers and 29 million views on YouTube, Brian Christopher has been a critical figure in YouTube casino marketing. His content is mostly videos of him playing slots, but Brian never fails to sensitize his viewers about responsible gaming, which honestly deserves a thumbs up. He actively engages with his followers and even has a number that they can text for any inquiries. 

  1. Lady Luck

Lady Luck has a fanbase of over 15k people and keeps them entertained through her live stream slot games. She has quite the influence in the casino industry, and most of her followers end up creating accounts at online casinos she endorses. Besides having fun spinning slot machines live, she also mentions the latest news in the gambling world and the bonuses available. 

  1. Vegas Low Roller

Vegas Low Roller is a casino enthusiast who won’t fail to upload a video every day playing live and landing a few wins here and there. The channel has slightly over 97k followers, and the content ranges from various slots & table games tricks to the best bets to place for a win. 

  1. JKF Slot Hits

JKF teaches his followers how to bet responsibly and win big in casinos. One of his main highlights is enlightening his audience when to cash out and stake no more after winning. The channel started way back in May 2013 and has gained a massive following of 45k people and 18 million views in total over the years. 

Top Twitter Casino Influencers

Twitter is widely used in the USA and is an excellent platform for people to share their content and ideas about different topics. And if you thought online gambling isn’t one of those hot topics, then you better guess again. 

There are plenty of influencers and pages that analyze everything online gaming, from sports betting to casino games. However, for today we will only focus on the top three influencer accounts.

  1. Big Cat

The 29-year-old enjoys a mass following of over 1.9 million followers on Twitter. He offers a fantastic avenue for casino companies to reach out to new clients by endorsing their various slots, games, and available promotions. The account was created in 2010 and has grown strong ever since.  

  1. Vanesa Selbst

Known for promoting responsible betting, Vanesa enjoys an incredible 92.2k followers. She is famous for her poker prowess and achievements, and she’s the only woman to reach the number one position in the global poker index; amazing, right?


A professional sports bettor, Payne provides information on how people can invest wisely in the casino market. Since 2009, he has been able to achieve a following of over 38k on his Twitter page. He also posts videos on choosing the best casinos that won’t have you regretting your choices.

Casino Marketing on Social Media

Like any other companies and businesses, online casino companies have not been left behind in using celebrities and influencers to market themselves. Casinos offer top gaming influencers deals to play their games, check out their promotions or have fun reviewing the casino as a whole.

Even though influencer marketing has led to increased growth in the gambling industry, it’s essential to take each content with a pinch of salt. Some might be genuine reviews with real experiences, while some may be a marketing drive with no due diligence.

Once you check out what an influencer has to say, go ahead and have your personal experience with a casino, and you be the judge.

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