Top Celebrities That are Used To Gambling

As an enjoyable activity, gambling has been open to all and sundry, especially those who can play really well. Some of the most popular celebrities around the world are known for gambling, and they do it safely! When gambling is discussed, players tend to claim ownership over gambling, but celebrities might also be entitled to such claims.

Claims of ownership in gambling usually keeps the finest players going, as they see gambling as their thing. From the data provided by different analytics, unblocked NonGamStopBets brands are growing rapidly since the launch of the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. While millions of players play on GamStop-free online casinos on a daily basis, we will focus on more famous people. This post would show you some popular celebrities who are also into gambling and their feats thus far.

Why Do Celebrities Gamble?

Celebrities gamble for different reasons and motivations at a particular given time. Hence, what motivates a celebrity to gamble might differ from game to game. Generally, celebrities gamble to while away their leisure time and have as much fun as possible. An example is Paris Hilton who doesn’t hesitate to visit Las Vegas anytime she has ample time on her palms.  

Another reason why celebrities gamble is passion, as some started playing different games since their childhood. So, regardless of the fame and popularity they have amassed, they still do their childhood thing. An example is Tobey Maguire who has been a fervent poker player since his teenage years. Some other celebrities also gamble to fill up their fantasy cravings.

Popular Celebrities That Gamble

50 Cent

You probably only know him as a rapper and actor with swag, but you don’t also know he’s into gambling. Well, many people don’t. 50 Cent gambled $2 million on the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao in May 2015.

He won the bet as he gambled in favour of Floyd Mayweather Jr., who won the fight. In 2012, 50 Cent also won $500,000 after he bet on New York Giants beating the San Francisco 49ers. He’s known to be a fan of casinos on and off Las Vegas.  

Brad Pitt

The multi award-winning actor is also into gambling. As a matter of fact, he was seriously developing a keen interest in gambling, while filming Ocean’s 11 which is one of the best movies for gamblers.

His interest in gambling continued several years after filming till this day, whilst maintaining gambling poise. Brad Pitt is noted for playing slot machines, poker and blackjack in different casinos in Las Vegas and beyond.

Matt Damon

Having starred in many blockbusters, Matt Damon is also a hard name in celebrity gambling. Matt’s role in the 1998 movie “Rounders” which was centered on high-scale poker, made him a big name in celebrity gambling.

He subsequently became a protégé to Johnny Chan (a renowned poker star), who taught him the robes of poker. Since , Matt Damon has garnered so much influence playing and winning different poker games on several casinos.   

Paris Hilton

The popular model and media personality has remained around entertainment from birth, being the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels. In this light, she has also developed some affinity with gambling in Las Vegas casinos. She once won $300,000 while playing poker at a Las Vegas casino, and is said to also play online poker.

Charles Barkley

The legendary NBA personality even with his record as a superstar, has been a top gambler in the US. Charles has even been enmeshed in gambling issues, losing over $10 million in total to gambling.

Charles was even forced to stop playing for some time after which he resurfaced with loud gambling habits. To this day, he still actively plays poker and other table games in several casinos, which his financial status justifies.   

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a popular actor who has starred in quite a number of popular movies. Aside from starring in movies, he’s also a big shot in celebrity gambling. He has notably participated in some poker championships, where he has made his mark as a professional poker player.

He won $800,000 in 2001, and subsequently $365,000 in 2004 in the California Poker Championship which had other players competing. His feat in the world of gambling has even earned him the title of professional gambler alongside his other career titles.  

George Clooney

George Clooney has remained passionate about poker games, right from his days as a child, regardless of his acting career. His passion for poker led him to collaborate with Tobey Maguire, another celebrity poker lover to set up the Hollywood games.

George even embarked on a project to set up his own casino but the project failed. He still gambles at various casinos in Las Vegas and London.


Gambling is not inherently a problem for those who do it just for fun. As you might have noticed among these celebrity gamblers, they do gamble because they can afford it. They also have their main focus on fun, more than anything else.

Hence, they celebrate the wins and dust themselves of the losses and keep it going. This should be emulated and practised by other people who gamble; let the fun part remain present always!

Written by Monella