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Top Celebrities That Have Gone Bankrupt

It’s interesting to know that rich celebs often file for bankruptcy. Money issues are not just for the common man, even the affluent and famous celebs face financial troubles.

The Biggest Celebrities in the World Who Didn’t Have Money

So,, let’s see who some of these popular celebrities are who filed for bankruptcy.

The first on the list is the famous Pirates of the Caribbean star and the heartthrob of many, Johnny Depp. It is amazing that the affluent and ultra-rich guy, Johnny Depp, who splurges on luxurious cars and clothes, had to file for bankruptcy, and his expensive divorce from Amber Heard was also a factor. Interestingly, Depp became very famous not only for his role in The Pirates Saga but also for his looks and fashion sense across the globe.

A very interesting name featured on our list is 50 Cent. The guy who sang,

Oh!! Darling. It’s my birthday!!!  And Get Rich Or Die Trying!

along with his splashy and uber-rich videos. Yes, Curtis ”50Cent” Jackson ( 50 Cent is also one of my favorites ) also filed for bankruptcy. Known to be famous throughout the world for his expensive cars (in the class of Lamborghini), and the big chunky,  glittery jewelry, now isn’t as rich as he was yesterday. Remember that huge necklace and the high fashion clothing he wore? Interestingly he filed for bankruptcy, when all his songs were on top of the music charts. Can he turn things over again? We can hope.

Another name is Mark Twain. Many are familiar with the famous literary figure who gave us wonderful poems and great American literature. Mark Twain is best remembered for his book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But poor financial decisions, a bad investment in a typesetting machine, together with some problems in his publishing house, made him file for personal bankruptcy at the age of sixty.

From the music industry again is none other than, Michael Jackson,  The King of Pop, who was in debt $400 million , when he suddenly died in  2009. He was also very close to foreclosure on his Neverland home. Rumors have it, that Michael had a very rich lifestyle and had taken many loans, which he never repaid. He was involved in many litigations and lawsuits which also emptied his bank account. After his death, his estate managers resolved most of his financial problems, and he was declared the top-earning dead celeb for five consecutive years!

Next on our list is the famous TV Star, Larry King. One of TV ’s most famous talking heads, King had to file for personal bankruptcy after he was named in many criminal lawsuits.

King was over $300,000 in debt. This was a result of him living beyond his salary at a Miami radio station in his early years, and being accused of larceny by his business associate. But Larry went on to make quite a name for himself on the famous Larry King  Live show.

Another celeb who fought a battle with financial debt and had to file for bankruptcy was Mike Tyson. Tyson filed for personal bankruptcy because of his very affluent lifestyle and his craze for taming wild-cats. Alimony to his divorced wife, huge legal fees, costly cell phones, clothing, limos, and such,  were also responsible for his filing for bankruptcy. One of the strangest reasons was quoted as ‘The Care’ for his Tigers!

So, there is quite a list! Even U. S. President Donald Trump is on the list! Unbelievable because Trump is known to be very financially savvy, but it is true. Some of his companies have filed for bankruptcy six times! Though Trump has not filed for bankruptcy personally, his companies have.

Other famous celebs include Lady Gaga, who made it official in 2009 before her Monsters Ball Tour that she was in deep financial problems, Nicholas Cage, one of the biggest stars, earning around $40 million in 2009, MC Hammer,  and Kim Basinger. This means despite their celebrity status, these people had to battle big financial problems. So if you are looking at consolidating your debt, or going bankrupt then at least you are in good company!

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