Top Five Animation Flicks From 2017

Gone are the days when animations were only for kids. Minions, intelligent babies, exhilarating emojis, and comical underpants make these movies watchable for almost everybody.

2017 ended with a bang! Studios specializing in animation creation service have been busy, with a range of fabulous animation movies hitting the cinemas all the way through December. These movies boasted a star-studded crop of celebrities voicing various characters. For instance, Ferdinand is voiced by Gina Rodriguez, John Cena, and Kate McKinnon.

Here are some of the best of 2017 releases, comprising family appropriate and intriguing flicks that will keep you amused regardless of your age.

(These movies are not listed in any specific order.)

Despicable Me 3

This colorful cartoon provides a blend of seriously hilarious and witty punches coupled by emotional sparks in between. If you have seen the prequels, that is Despicable Me 1and 2, you will find this third installment to be an enthralling adventure.

Steve Carrell picks up right where he left off, as outgoing super villain Gru partners up with his like-minded twin brother Dru. Together with Gru’s minions, they attempt to rescue the world from obliteration by a former kid star seeking vengeance for the cancelation of his show.

The Boss Baby

Tim, the family child, and Baby Boss, Baby Corp’s secret agent, intrude on a family working for an adversary company, Puppy Co., which is working to make sure the puppies get more affection than babies.

Baby Corp’s aim is to ensure that Puppy Co. creator, Francis, does not get access to the secret baby formula that equips Boss Baby with the intellect of an adult.

Coupled with high visual creativity alongside sharp lines, this movie boasts an impressive cast and plot as Tim and Baby Boss join forces to ensure that puppies don’t get all the love.

The Emoji Movie

Emoji creator Shigetaka Kurita would not have dreamt that his 1999 inventions could inspire a film encompassing smileys. The iconic emojis live in an emoji city known as Textopolis, with each emoji having only one facial expression, apart from Gene.

Gene is unique in that he has several facial expressions, but none of them give him joy. So, Gene teams up with Jailbreak, a capable code breaker, and Hi-5, his buddy, to help him become normal like the others.

They travel through various apps, contending with the threat that this could destroy their phone.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Thomas Middleditch and Kevin Hart voice two exceptionally nifty and mischievous comic book authors who enjoy spending time in a tree house. Their principal threatens to separate the two mischief-makers, who then convince him that he is the implausibly silly, mindless Captain Underpants, a superhero.

Your Name

This Japanese animation starts as a kind of body-swap drama infused with comedy. It follows the lives of two teenagers, a girl from the countryside and a boy from Tokyo city, who switch bodies with one another. Romance ensues, but it doesn’t work out very well.

The plot twists further…but I won’t give away any spoilers. Your Name portrays love, heritage, and loss in a visually dense animation.

Written by digidog sigi