Top Five Anime Fight Scenes

We absolutely love all forms of anime and when it comes to butt kicking the evil enemy, we’re all for it! Check out our top five anime fight scenes featuring a heavy dose of girl power!

1) Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors)

Meilin Li (Meilin Rei) Vs. The Fight Card


The 1999 anime captured the hearts of all magical girl anime fans and this scene played a pivotal role in the series as it introduced a new character – Meilin Rei. While she wasn’t so keen on the main character Sakura, they later on became very good friends and was an added help to the Cardcaptor team.

2) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Azula Vs. Ty Lee & Mai

While not exactly an enduring fight scene, this action/betrayal played a pivotal role in the later character development of Azula. In other words, it was the catalyst of her emotional downfall. Fortunately for Ty Lee and Mai, they were released after the Hundred Year War ended.

3) Umineko

Beatrice Vs. Virgilia

A mystery witch anime filled with tricky plots, frightening characters and at times gory moments. The magical fight scene between the witches Beatrice and Virgilia showcased their immense power. Virgilia was originally the most powerful witch of all time until Beatrice (her former student) came along.

4) Higurashi

Keiichi Vs. Rena

Another tricky plotted anime that features Rika (and friends) trying to escape a time lapse labyrinth. This suspenseful match between Rena and Keiichi ends up in tears but an actual victor is crowned in the end.

5) Teen Titans

Star Fire Vs. Black Fire

Star Fire and her sister Black Fire fight for the crown but only one sister prevails in the end. (p.s. – we’re rooting for the obvious good girl). Anyway, these two don’t play around when it comes to battle!


It was hard to decide our FAVORITE scene, but we have to say that the Cardcaptor battle sure had us on the floor! Intense, swift, and downright rough!

Top Five Anime Fight Scenes 1

If a bad guy ever comes knocking on our door, we’ll be calling Meilin as soon as possible! Maybe she can give us some good old kick boxing tutorials! We’d absolutely love it!

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Written by Dannii C.

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