Top Five Reasons Why You Should Love Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is a rising star, whose debut album “Cry Baby” peaked at number one on the alternative charts. She’s sold out an entire US tour, and has captured the hearts and imagination of young people all over the world. Her music resonates with so many people, and that’s evident in the faces of the audiences at her shows. But why should you love her? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should love Melanie Martinez:


1. She’s not afraid to be herself

Melanie is such a unique artist, and she’s not afraid to show it. Her individual style (in both fashion and music) sticks out like a sore thumb, and you’ll absolutely love it all! You wouldn’t be able to find another artist like Melanie.


2. She’s freaking adorable

In any music video, or photo, or anything really, you’ll see how cute she is. She has a way of making it apparent in anything she posts. Just watch one of her music videos, or watch any video of her, and your heart will melt at how cute she is.

3. She has an amazing voice

While many artists sound amazing in studio versions of their songs, but deliver poorly in live shows, Melanie sounds just as amazing live as she does in the studio! Her vocals are a masterpiece, and she gives her all in every performance. Here is a fan video of Melanie singing “Mrs Potato Head”, which you’re sure to love.

4. She uses childhood metaphors to create meaningful music

Her song Sippy Cup, whilst referencing the titular object, explores the notion of hiding your feelings, and ignoring your emotions. The song makes the crowd quite sentimental, and it’s one of Melanie’s most popular songs. If you’d like to hear it, you can hear it here:

5. She’s really creative

Melanie has directed all of her own music videos, and if you watch any (or all) of them, you’ll be blown away by how ingenious each video is. Every video she puts out is a masterpiece, perfectly balancing the adult themes with the childhood themes, and inciting thought into every viewer. You can see that example in her double feature, for her two songs; Soap and Training Wheels.

There you have it! The top five reasons why you should check out Melanie Martinez’s music!

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Written by CelebMix