Top Five Snapchats From Niall Horan

Niall Horan has been making good use of his Snapchat ever since he shared it with the world over a month ago. We’ve been treated to plenty of selfies, adorable videos using the Snapchat filters, and even a spot of golf. Though it’s hard to pick just five, we’ve narrowed down five of Niall’s best snaps so far.

5. Niall Golfing

The only thing we really know about golf is that Niall loves it. The scene was beautifully set; the birds were chirping, the sun was casting shadows through the trees, and Niall was golfing. He’s made it clear that golfing is his passion, and it’s obvious that it makes him happy. Can we really ask for more than that?

4. Niall in a snapback

Top Five Snapchats From Niall Horan 1

We have to admit, we did a double-take when we first saw this. Niall has been so attached to his newsboy cap lately, that we almost forgot the time when Niall in snapbacks was a regular occurrence. It feels like forever ago, doesn’t it?Top Five Snapchats From Niall Horan 2

3. The puppy filter

This was the first video that Niall uploaded to Snapchat, and it might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

2. Stunning in gold

This video rendered us pretty much speechless. Let’s just say that gold is definitely Niall’s color.

1. The flower crown

Top Five Snapchats From Niall Horan 1

We’re thinking of starting a petition to get Niall to teach a Selfie 101 class. We’d call this the perfect selfie. The combination of pursed lips, great lighting, and guitars held up by guitar holders which are actually hands make this our favorite snap from Nialler thus far.


We’re forever grateful to Niall for sharing his Snapchat with us. He recently shared his Spotify playlist, tweeting a link to some of his current favorite tracks! He’s just too good to us.

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Written by CelebMix