Top-Picks Casinos Among Celebrities

Gambling is a super fun activity amongst regular folks and celebrities. However, whilst there are hundreds of brick and mortar casinos and many more on the web, a few outlets have become favourites amongst celebrities. Some of the top-picks casinos among celebrities are well-known to gamblers around the world. But if you need a hint, here are the options available:

Caesars Palace

Hopefully, you do not need to be reminded that this is not the actual palace of Julius Caesar, just like The Hangover film.

This indeed is a classy Roman-style luxury hotel building complete with famous spiral escalators, marble columns, and more than 150,000 square feet of premium casino action. Featuring many table games, slot machines, and poker, Caeser’s casino makes the mark as one of the best in the USA and globally.

There is also an area dedicated to sports and horse betting that’s loaded with flatscreen TVs. This brings you the latest of sports from all across the country.

SkyCity Casino

The largest land-based casino in New Zealand has become home to the famous 328m Sky Tower, so it is undoubtedly the best place to either go big or go home. If you wish, you can even go all the way to the top for a 360? panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy up to 3 restaurants and fun Skywalks. 

At the button of Auckland’s icon, you’ll find the entertainment complex, which houses two world-class hotels, a theatre with 700 seats, and many other exciting facilities.

The casino has more than 150 table games and as many as 2,100 gaming machines and is available 24/7.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The Casino de Monte Carlo is a fabulous place to visit with its unique Belle Époque architecture and nicely arranged ornate decorations. This is arguably the most luxurious brick and mortar gambling in the world.

Monaco is widely known as a millionaires’ playground, and it boasts a diverse range of table games, including Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, and Trente & Quarante. There are also some nice private gambling rooms for the many high rollers in Monaco.

If you are a lover of Formula 1 betting, it is worth making a quick trip to the spot where the Grand Prix of Monaco is held yearly. Until then, you have a chance to play several of the same games online for real money at any online casino.

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino comes with a whopping 36 gaming tables, 500 pokies, a Baccarat room, a brand new esports arena, and VIP poker lounges. It is one of the top-rated casinos for New Zealanders according to CasinoDeps site. This casino caters for all kinds of players and is especially useful to newbies. They also host the New Zealand Poker Championships yearly.

Gambling is not the only kind of entertainment that you can enjoy at Christchurch Casinos; there is also live music every weekend. Peckish gamblers have a chance to relax at Valley Bar for an excellent hot coffee or Monza Sports Bar for a tasty steak or burger.

The Empire Casino

Taking over the old Empire Ballroom, the Empire casino first opened in 2007 and quickly established itself as one of London’s top casinos.

Featuring exactly two floors of online gaming space with over 5,000 of the most common games, including table games, some of the hottest online slot machines and a half-mile harness racing track. The poker room at Empire also hosts World Series of Poker events often.

If you do not get an opportunity to experience a fun casino located at the West End of London, Leicester Square, you can play poker online.

The Hippodrome Casino

This is a world-renowned casino that can be found hidden somewhere on the side of Cranbourn Street and Charing Cross Road in Westminster, London’s City. Initially erected in 1900, the Hippodrome was first open for business as a performance centre and, over the years, has been repurposed several times over.

It is providing a calm and unique atmosphere that entirely embraces everything that makes the world’s best casinos awesome, mainly the most exciting sport in the world. The Hippodrome is now known as the most exciting place to enjoy live viewing of the NFL in London, with every shirt and game on display every Sunday.

Written by Monella