Top-Ranked Cable TV Service Providers in the USA

What is it that you look for when selecting a cable TV provider for yourself? Subscribers of any service consider many features before they settle for one. And it is essential to do so as you cannot change the service provider every other day. It is a long process that no one wants to go through. Therefore, choose wisely. For me, Spectrum TV service has been the best since I subscribed to it. Although I keep changing the packages, I will not trade the service for any other. 

However, you can hold a different opinion. Meanwhile here is a list of all the cable TV service providers that you can consider. 


Topping the list is Spectrum. You can call it a bias. But I won’t. You have to subscribe to the company’s service to believe that what I am saying is correct. So, if you are looking for a cable TV service alone, the company provides three plans. These include TV Select (with over 125 channels), TV Silver (with over 175 channels), and TV Gold (with over 200 channels). 

Some of the pros that will encourage you to subscribe to Spectrum include a cheap starting price for the packages when compared to the rest. Apart from that, you will also like the fact that you get a good bargain for the most wanted premium channels. So, if you love watching premium channels the most, then Spectrum is for you. 

However, you will have to bear with a negative point that Spectrum has. And that is the DVR that the company has. However, with the quality of channels and affordability that you get, you can let go of the DVR issue. 


Are you a sucker for NFL games? If yes then you should not think twice before subscribing to DIRECTV. Having a choice to select from five available packages, you will love the company’s services. The available packages include Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Premier. The basic package gives you access to over 160 channels while the most expensive one gives you access to over 330 channels. 

Some of the positive things about choosing DIRECTV include getting access to NFL Sunday Ticket. Other than that, you will get to enjoy ore HD channels. Not only this but the Genie DVR is exceptionally good. However, just like all other companies, DIRECTV has a con as well. And that is the company raising the price of its services every 12 months. 


If you are looking for an all-rounder cable TV service provider, then Xfinity will not disappoint you. With Xfinity, you will not have a wide range of packages to choose from but the ones offered are good enough. Subscribers have to choose between Digital Starter and Digital Preferred. The former comes with over 140 channels while the latter has over 220 channels to offer. Good things about Xfinity include affordable packages, the option to stay away from contracts, and the inclusion of prominent channels in the basic package. 

However, subscribers do not appreciate the additional fees that make the package expensive. Not only this, but Xfinity’s customer care service does not have a good repute. So, if you think that customer service does not matter to you much, you can opt for Xfinity. 


Next up on the list is Cox. Subscribing to Cox means that you will get to choose from two options – TV Starter and Contour TV. You will get access to over 75 channels if you go for the former and the latter gives you access to 140 channels and above. One of the best things about Cox is the fair price of the packages. However, DVR costs are high. Apart from that, the availability of the Paks makes the deals more expensive too. And many of the subscribers feel the need to get one or more Paks. 

Other than that, you will not be able to point out a negative feature in Cox’s services. The channel lineup is decent too. 


Are you ins search of a family deal? Then you would want to have a look at what Optimum has to offer. Subscribers can choose from three packages including Core TV, Select TV, and Premier TV. Perhaps the best thing about Optimum is that you can record over 15 shows simultaneously. However, make sure that the 15 shows do not exceed 75 hours. Because the DVR will not record anything after that. 

Other than the exceptional DVR, you get access to New York programming as well. However, some of the cons include additional fees and limited availability. Optimum is available in four states only. That is too little when compared to other companies. 

Final Word

No one can decide the service for you. As no one is more aware of your needs than you. Therefore, when deciding, you should ask yourself about the features that you are looking for. And which features can you do without. Once decided, you can look for companies that meet all the criteria that you have in mind. This is the best way to go about it. 

Written by Monella