Caspar’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

Caspar Lee is one of the biggest YouTube stars right now. 2015 saw Caspar release a DVD alongside YouTuber Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe), release his own merchandise range, and watch his channel grow even more as he reached an incredible 5 million subscribers.

Here are Caspar Lee’s Top 10 videos of 2015!

10. Super YouTuber Games ft. KSI

Date Uploaded: Jun 1, 2015     Views: 3,073,595     Likes: 126,783

The first video in our countdown comes from a collaboration with one of the biggest gaming YouTubers ‘KSI.’ After a sponsor with BabyBel, both boys had to create Superhero alter egos and participate in a series of activities.

9. Africans Try American Candy

Date Uploaded: Feb 2, 2015     Views: 3,245,233     Likes: 140,127

2015 saw the year of ‘_____ tries ____ candy’ and Caspar jumped right on this bandwagon. Trying literally every candy they could find, this video shot straight in at number 9 in our countdown.

8.  5 Million Subscribers

Date Uploaded: Aug 24, 2015     Views: 3,398,360     Likes: 232,817

Caspar hit a milestone on YouTube this year after he reached 5 million subscribers, showing his humour he got all his friends and a lucky fan to record insulting messages for him. It’s pretty funny.

7.  Brain Freeze Challenge ft Caspar Lee

Date Uploaded: Mar 23, 2015     Views: 3,711,545     Likes: 375,590

He is most known for his YouTube series ‘Brain Freeze’, which has attracted many to his channel, but after a bet with Joe Sugg, it was time for Caspar to endure the pain he put his friends through. You know what they say, Caspar, what goes around, comes around.

6.  Who Gets More Girls?

Date Uploaded: May 17, 2015     Views: 3,893,853     Likes: 190,721

Now Q&A’s on YouTube can be very boring, but the internet seems to love ‘Jaspar’ a whole lot, making this video one of Caspar’s most viewed in 2015. We all love a bit of Jaspar though, right?

5.  My New Best Friend Kevin Hart

Date Uploaded: Jan 5, 2015     Views: 3,915,037     Likes: 190,855

It’s Kevin Hart. Need we say more?

4. 10 People I Hate On Instagram

Date Uploaded: May 4, 2015     Views: 3,977,438     Likes: 221,403

The internet has never connected more to Caspar Lee than they did with this very video. Although, we are most definitely ‘the selfie guy’.. sorry Caspar.

3. YouTuber Quiz w/ Zoella

Date Uploaded: Apr 19, 2015     Views: 5,011,442     Likes: 192,108

After what felt like a million years since their last collaboration, Caspar and Zoe Sugg collaborated for his series ‘Sexy YouTuber Quiz’ and the world was a better place again.

2. Brain Freeze Challenge ft. ThatcherJoe

Date Uploaded: Jan 25, 2015     Views: 5,294,289     Likes: 368,294

Coming in at second place was this collab with Joe Sugg. His series ‘Brain Freeze Challenge’ saw Joe participate in the ice bath game that Caspar’s viewers love and the internet couldn’t handle it. We can’t blame them, though.

1. Room-mate Shower Prank

Date Uploaded:  Apr 6, 2015     Views: 12,747,074     Likes: 402,735

The Number One spot of our ‘Top 10 Caspar Lee Videos of 2015’ has to go to ‘Room-mate Shower Prank‘. The continuation of Joe and Caspar prank war  got heated after Caspar messed with Joe’s shower, and he was not happy, but it brought in an incredible 12,747,074 views for Caspar.

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