Tori Kelly is a catalyst for change in the music industry

Contrary to the popular belief, the MTV VMA’S was a success.. and no It wasn’t because the show in itself was awkwardly entertaining, but rather because it debut one of the most talented acts I’ve seen in this so called “music industry.” An artist by the name of Tori Kelly.

In the midst of screaming fans and ultimate chaos, she stood still with backlights outlining her perfect silhouette figure. As soon as her performance started, she wowed the audience with her raw vocals and perfect guitar playing skills.The audience roared and screeched with excitement and enthusiasm when she was done, obviously wanting more. Twitter buzzed with exhilaration and rave reviews. She achieved this mad reaction with no props,no gimmicks, and while being fully clothed.


In an industry which encourages the whole notion of “sex sells”. Tori Kelly is the exception. She’s the one in a million. It’s quite rare to achieve this kind of audience reaction nowadays without being a teen heartthrob or half naked.I can’t remember watching a performance that was as raw and real as this.Is Tori Kelly bringing back real music ? Can she be a catalyst for change in the music industry ?

The answer to these questions are actually quite simple. Yes, anyone can bring back real and good music, its just a matter of the audience reaction to it. John Legend achieved that brilliantly with his mega hit song, All of me. If we could bet on any female artist right now making it big, it would be Tori Kelly. She has the pipes, look, girl next door personality and most importantly actual musical talent. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her ? All Tori Kelly needs is a platinum hit and she’ll be on her way to achieve greatness.

Tori Kelly has defied odds for many years now, after not making it to American Idol’s live show and being told she wasn’t good enough by the magic maker himself, Simon Cowell, she persevered and still continued pursuing a career in music.


She started posting videos of herself singing on Youtube and years later she got noticed by talent manager, Scooter Braun,and the rest is history. She overcame many hurtles to get to where she is today, and she will have to overcome many more hurtles to get to the finish line.

It is unfortunate that a talented musician has to go through extensive measures just to make it in an industry that is supposed to be about the music , but hey this is life. And it is the journey that counts, and Tori Kelly’s journey is looking to be a great one so far! Here’s to hoping that her song lyrics ” maybe they’ll let me sing songs about real things ” and ” who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes ” come true because the music industry is in desperate need of soulful and wholesome entertainers, and Tori Kelly ticks all the right boxes. For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that Tori Kelly breaks the music industry curse and gives a voice to real musicians.

Written by CelebMix