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Tove Lo Teases New Visuals To Upcoming Film “Blue Lips”

Picture this: You see a small, rose-tinted bathroom. A woman, apparently sitting along at one end of her bathtub. The camera zooms in. Then, she asks three simple words. “Are you okay?” Her voice is a bit raspy, she seems to have thought about the question for a while. Slowly, the first beats to a song start playing in the background. You remember these notes, don’t you? They are from  “Shivering Gold”, a track originating from Tove Lo’s masterpiece of an album titled “Blue Lips”. And now, all the emotions start rushing over you like waves.

This was a small impression of all of the emotions you may or may not feel while first watching the trailer to Tove Lo’s upcoming film “Blue Lips”. Like its predecessor “Lady Wood”, the movie is set in the Fairy Dust Saga. It incorporates all of the tracks featured on her 2017-release of the same name and will co-star the actress Ana Coto (“Ouija”) as well as skateboarder Jafin Garvey.

The Swedish singer-songwriter first teased the upcoming project by tweeting a movie poster on October 8th with the following words: “The wait is almost over babes. #BlueLips Oct.19th”.

Now, we got to see even more as she released the first visuals to her new work. Directed and written by Lo herself in cooperation with Malia James, the short clip follows the singer and her co-star around on their adventures. Over the course of the upcoming 70 seconds, the viewer gets to experience booze, parties, love, friendship, heartbreaks, and tears.

So, to answer the question Tove Lo asked right at the beginning: no, we are not okay right now. We are buzzing with excitement and crying with joy. “Blue Lips” seems like it is going to be a cinematic and musical feast for all of us.

Check out the official trailer down below:

“Blue Lips”, the movie, will be out October 19th. Be sure to watch it on Tove Lo’s official YouTube channel. In the meantime, you can refresh your memory about all of the featured songs by (re-)listening to the album on the digital retailer or streaming service of your choice.

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