Track-By-Track Album Review: Sam Feldt – Sunrise

Finally, Sam Feldt has released his debut album, and it’s everything we wanted and more. There are plenty of perfect tracks on “Sunrise” that we just had to write a track-by-track review. We’ve been waiting so long for this, ever since the release of “Show Me Love”. The international hit track doesn’t appear on the album; but that’s okay, because “Fade Away” is a part of the tracklist, which makes everything all right.

He went viral with “Show Me Love”, hitting charts around the world with the help of Kimberly Anne, who provided the vocals. It is a cover of the Robin S hit which then went viral a second-time thanks to Laidback Luke & Steve Angello. So, Sam Feldt’s version was the third time the song had charted well internationally, with him mixing it up and making it almost unrecognisable; this proves his amazing talent.

With the success of “Show Me Love”, Sam Feldt’s career has allowed him to collaborate with some amazing international stars, Akon and Inna, as well as promote incredible rising talents, such as Lush & Simon and Alex Schulz.

This album is incredible, we were ecstatic about the release of “Fade Away“, which is becoming a treasured track by many. Now we have a full album with many brilliant tracks. This is definitely an album we all need in our lives. This is what we make of every track on the Sam Feldt’s debut LP titled “Sunrise”.

YES (feat. Akon)

This is a great opening track for the album, Akon brings quite the reggae flavour that has certainly been successful this year. The track was released as the second single from this album, and managed to chart at number 86 in Sweden, and also hit number 49 on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs. It certainly brings a summer oceanic vibe, that really kickstarts this album off perfectly. It’s not one of the best tracks on the album but it’s certainly a high-calibre collaboration, and so no surprise it was officially released as a single.

Fade Away (feat. INNA) in collaboration with Lush & Simon

Now it’s time to keep that sun nice and bright in the sky with this super sweet track that we adore. INNA’s sensual vocals quickly turn this song into a complete anthem, one that is designed to give us the summer of our lives, every single year. Sam Feldt and Lush & Simon are clearly brilliant at what they do since the drop is pure fire and the rhythm is off the charts. We could so see this song doing well at any of Sam Feldt’s sets as it’s full of energy, incredible lyrics, and a brilliant emotional vocal from INNA herself. It’s one of those tracks you wish never has to end; it forces you to replay again and again. Apparently, the song charted at number 294 in Russia, as well as managing to be registered on the Ultratip Bubbling Under the Ultratop 50 Chart in Belgium.

Shot By My Own Gun in collaboration with The Federal Empire

The first of his new unheard tracks, Sam Feldt impresses us with a country-club track that totally reminds us of Avicii’s dip into country music. This is a total anthem really showcasing this sort of genre all around the world. It’s beyond catchy with Sam Feldt bringing us a very groovy track, whilst The Federal Empire brings amazing vocals with an incredible storyline. This track sure does take us on a journey. It is so relatable to so many listeners, it is an unforgettable song.


WOW! Powerful vocals is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to this song. Full of house music, this sure is a lit track that is bound to do amazingly on any DJ set. This really showcases Sam Feldt off as a brilliant producer and DJ; this is beyond brilliant. The song samples Loleatta Holloway’s “Love Sensation” which was also sampled by Black Box on the track “Ride On Time”.

This reeks of club classic feels; one that people would probably include in a 90’s club classic playlist and no one would realise that it doesn’t belong to that era. Thank you so much for this throwback yet current song, Sam Feldt.

World Can Wait in collaboration with Robert Falcon

Taking on a more sensual house sound Sam Feldt’s collaboration with Robert Falcon is full of so much emotion. It really manages to switch up this album, proving Sam Feldt’s versatility when it comes to music as a whole. There’s a prominent flute sound throughout really turning this track into an oceanic tropical vibe. Robert Falcon’s voice is pure perfection as he sends out meaningful lyrics to every listener.

High And Low (feat. Joshua Radin)

This is quite the soulful track from the start. Not something you would expect from Sam Feldt, but it becomes more upbeat as it continues. It’s got a folk sound to it with Joshua Radin’s voice sounding incredible. It’s full of instruments and the chorus crescendoes into a wonderous segment that reminds us of a full orchestra. This feels like it should be part of a Disney soundtrack to one of their animation films, during an extremely jovial part.

Save Tonight

As soon as we saw this title, we were hoping it was a new version of Eagle-Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight”; and, guess what…? It is! This is a top tune, and one, pretty much, everyone knows. Sam Feldt impresses again, much like he did with his fired-up hit “Show Me Love”. This one features an uncredited female vocalist whose voice is absolutely beautiful on this track. Sam Feldt has turned it into a sure-fire club hit with a lot of tropical summer sounds on the backing track. This song has the potential to go viral and be his next international hit if given the chance. To be fair, we said the same about “Fade Away“, so I guess, for now, it’ll remain a track that we treasure.

Be My Lover in collaboration with Alex Schulz

The title of this track certainly had us thinking that this is a new version of INNA’s “Be My Lover” and upon first listen we can hear subtle similarities, but upon research, we realise it’s a new version of La Bouche’s “Be My Lover”; which was an international success for the duo in 1995 – which INNA sampled on her song, hence the similarities. This new version, yet again, shows Sam Feldt’s ability to transform a song. This was released as the third single from the album, and we’re surprised it didn’t hit the charts hard around the world. This becomes another treasured track we simply adore.

Just Dropped In (My Condition) [feat. Joe Cleere] in collaboration with Girls Love DJs

Another new version of a classic, this was originally sung by Kenny Rogers with the title “Just Dropped In (To See What My Condition Was In)”. This version really has a brilliant ode to the old song, whilst Joe Cleere impresses us all with a raspy yet emotional vocal that we fully adore. It’s catchy and rhythmic, one that will surely go off at any club.

Chasing After You (feat. RUMORS) in collaboration with Toby Green

We’ve never heard RUMORS sound so amazing, it really does show that with the right producer you can appeal to a much wider audience. It’s clear that house music really suits RUMORS’ voice and this track is beyond incredible. Lyrics-wise makes this super sweet and adorable, with the vocalist keen to get the message of the song across. As for the production, Sam Feldt and Toby Green impress with this rhythmically groovy track that will surely set any dancefloor alight. If there was one song from the album that we could choose as the next one to get a music video, it would be this one.

Lost On Me (feat. Richard Judge) in collaboration with Hibell

Upbeat with a pounding bass, this track is beautiful all on its own. Richard Judge’s vocals create this relaxing vibe during the verses; yet, the progressive chorus into an incredible drop by Sam Feldt and Hibell really takes this track up a notch. It’s a typical DJ album track, one that is a total grower in every single way.

Blackbird (feat. Jake Reese)

The last track ends this album with a great outro. Lyrically we’re taken on a journey wishing that we were all blackbirds flying away high in the sky. It has a sweet backing track that fully makes us wish we had an instrumental version of this song because it is simply gorgeous, much like the visual that Jake Reese paints with his voice as he sings the lyrics.

As a whole, it’s clear that Sam Feldt needed to drop this debut album. Every single track is brilliant in its own right. He was obviously inspired by many 90’s club classics, some of which he refreshed and made super current. Others are completely new tracks that deserve to be global hits.

As the days and nights turn colder, this entire album will bring the sunshine and the warmth; especially on a dreary day. It is available to download and stream now, released on Spinnin’ Records. “Sunrise” is a truly unforgettable 12-track album that really shows Sam Feldt’s ability as a DJ, producer, and artist. This LP has totally stamped his name in the EDM music world, for sure.

What do you make of Sam Feldt’s “Sunrise” debut album? Tell us all your thoughts, and which track is your favourite, on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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