Track by Track: Call Me Loop’s ‘Drama’ EP

CelebMix takes you through Call Me Loop’s delicious new EP, track by track.

Call Me Loop is a name that has been climbing Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists over the past year with her cheeky, sweet pop sound. Now, with flawless new EP Drama, is the time for the world to pay Loop the attention she deserves.

CelebMix breaks down the pop star’s new EP.


First released in 2018, the Drama EP opens up with single ‘Business’. “It’s none of my business, I don’t know why I’m watching you” Call Me Loop reflects in the chorus, struggling to move on from an ex.

“He moved on pretty quickly after we broke up and I made the rookie error of keeping tabs on his new relationship across his social media. My friends were like “STOP LOOKING,” but I have little to no self-control with these kind of things!”, Call Me Loop shared on release.

Body Like Yours

You’d struggle to pick a stand out on Drama, but ‘Body Like Yours’ would come pretty darn close to top spot. Simple and sassy, Loop can’t help her mind drifting back to an old fling when seeing a new man.

“Try as I might when his clothes are on my bedroom floor, I can only get excited when I’m on a body, body like yours” she delivers with a wink in an insanely catchy pre-chorus. Bubbly and full of character, ‘Body Like Yours’ is Call Me Loop at her best.

Silly Boy

2019 single, ‘Silly Boy’, features next. And if you’ve heard this track once, you’ll recognise its infectious hook again. “Silly, silly, silly, silly boy” Loop scolds in the chorus.

There’s no being hung-up over the boy here – Call Me Loop flings aside a trifling man. With 150,000 streams within 24 hours of release, it’s easy to see why ‘Silly Boy’ is a fan-favourite.


Loop is wanting a chase on ‘Drama’. “When fellas treat me well, I like to run a while, or stay and give ’em hell […] they’re all just too vanilla”, she’s bored of having it easy.

Full of food puns, Call Me Loop doesn’t want to sit-back and be served… a buffet is more her style: “Don’t like it easy, served up on a plate, Yeah I like a buffet”.


Closing off Drama, Call Me Loop shifts up a gear to speed it up for ‘Association’. It’s another track that could rival for top spot on the EP, in it the singer makes it clear to an ex that “you’re just cool by association”.

“Now you want to drag me down, don’t you know you’re nothing without me around”, Loop rolls her eyes at a man trying to cling on to her name.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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