Track-By-Track EP Review: Ashley J – Satisfied

Today is Friday, which means there is a lot of new releases in music this week. There may be a lot from your favourite artists but we highly suggest you take a listen to Ashley J, who has just dropped her debut EP, titled Satisfied, purely because it is such an incredible collection of five tracks.

So far, three tracks have been released as official singles from the EP, which are “Trapped”, “Unbreakable”, and “Satisfied”; all of which we adored from the very first listen. These songs are joined by unheard tracks, “Like You Used To” and “When I Come Home To You”.

All five tracks are total fire, but that’s not the only thing we like about this EP; the artwork is stunning. Ashley J looks beautiful as she adorns the front of her EP cover. This debut is everything we wanted and more and we literally can’t wait to see what the future brings to this talented singer-songwriter.

The three singles from the EP have all had music videos dropped on Ashley J’s official YouTube Channel. We highly suggest you check them out too as well as this EP. Here’s our thoughts on the tracks.


What a way to start off this EP. “Trapped” was the first single to be released from this collection and it’s an iconic upbeat Ashley J song that really showcases who she is as an artist. It’s beyond catchy with a beaty track and emotional lyrics. Ashley J impresses from the outset with her powerhouse vocals. Be prepared to fall in love with this track and have it stuck in your head for days.


“Satisfied” has to be our favourite song – it’s also our favourite music video too – it’s no surprise it’s the title track. It exudes 90’s/00’s house music bringing back our nostalgic feels whilst giving us current tropical house too. Once again, Ashley J gives us fired-up vocals that are full of feelings. We are more than satisfied with this amazing track.


This is the perfect song to follow “Satisfied”, which is full of confidence. She sings about being fine without her ex; easily turning the bridge and the chorus into shout-out lyrics that we just have to turn the volume up for. It’s an incredibly catchy track that spreads positivity and strength. We also urge you to check out the solid music video that was released for this track.

Like You Used To

The first three songs were all singles released from the EP so “Like You Used To” and the last track, “When I Come Home To You” are all new unheard tracks. Upon first listen, we can’t deny how addicting this one is. It’s giving us a garage-house vibe reminding us of something we should get from Platnum or Sweet Female Attitude. It’s fierce and powerful with Ashley J bringing flair and sensual vocals; showing the range of her voice and her versatility. We simply adore this one.

When I Come Home To You

Last track on the EP so it has to be good right? Obviously, it is. It’s more of a ballad that turns into an upbeat track, once again showing off Ashley J’s versatility and her amazing vocals. She connects deeply with her listeners with this one, giving us goosebumps and chills as she nails the heartfelt warmth of the song. If we had to choose one song for you to listen to right now, it would be this one because it is simply beautiful in every way.

We can’t deny how amazing this EP truly is and it really excites us for what Ashley J will go on to do in the future. Her vocals are complete fire in every single song, easily displaying the emotion for the track whilst keeping it upbeat and giving us some nostalgic vibes too. Ashley J is totally a rising star in the dance music industry, someone we all need to keep our eyes on because with an effortless voice like this with a brilliant track production, she’s going to get far.

“Satisfied EP” is available to download and stream right now. It was released independently so we can’t help but urge you to support this incredible rising star.

What do you make of Ashley J’s debut EP “Satisfied”? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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