Track-By-Track EP Review: Bud Sugar – Vampire

We love a good EP review here at CelebMix, but it’s rare that we get to do a track-by-track EP review on a massive eight-track EP – mainly because they rarely exist – however we’ve got one right here for you and it’s one you totally must listen to right now! Bud Sugar’s “Vampire” EP continues to show how unique their sound really is; they are literally paving their own way within the music industry.

If you don’t know who Bud Sugar are then you really need to start exploring their music because they are set to be the band everyone will non-stop be talking about in the next couple of years. They are a five-piece consisting of Dylan Elliott, Stan Hill, Live Lans, Rob da Bass, and Bacary Bax. “Vampire” is officially their third EP, following debut “Vibe” and sophomore “Viral”. They are currently boosting their fan base, recording new music, raising money through GoFundMe, and preparing for summer festival performances.

They’re rising within the music industry and we believe you should be riding the vibing train with their fans and the group themselves. Bud Sugar proves that not only are they a full-on staple within the music industry, with this EP, but they also prove that they truly believe in themselves.

We couldn’t possibly review this EP without breaking it down, so are you ready for our track-by-track EP review of “Vampire”? Well, here we go…


Opening introduction track and it has an assortment of sounds bringing the tropical flavour to their addicting afro genre. The title comes from the West African country which is where Bachary Bax and Live Lans visited often when they were children, due to their father coming from Gambia. It certainly has an African sound to it and really shows that Bud Sugar really take inspiration from their roots. This song incorporates various world music to create an undeniable catchy track that certainly deserves a music video and some remixes – what a way to start their EP.

Start A Band

This title totally continues their roots theme, as they sing about starting a band. It’s a tranquil addicting track with a lot of real lyrics being sung. It’s rhythmically beaty with Bud Sugar totally nailing the harmonies and the emotion of the track. We so find this song a guilty pleasure right up until the surprising instrumental towards the end that makes us fall in love with this song even more. Bud Sugar sure knows how to bring it. This is the one track we NEED to hear live.


Now time for something slightly different, Bud Sugar is ready to show their versatility whilst still keeping in their unique genre. It really shows how much they are prepared to experiment with their sound and it’s clear that they can make anything work for them. It’s rhythmically groovy with the band members taking us on a journey with their sound, showing us the way.


A string instrumental opens this track and it’s a refreshing start. “Acha” is a progressive song that contains passionate lyrics and a brilliant hook. There’s a couple of slow-rap verses that switches this track up amazingly while the chorus is typical Bud Sugar. The song has a J Balvin and Daddy Yankee feel to it.

Rise Up

As the summer starts to roll in, we’re all looking for a treasured summer hit, and “Rise Up” is definitely going to be the one we’ve been looking for. It’s a sound you don’t quite expect from Bud Sugar, but this is what makes them such a great versatile band. This will be a total hit at festivals that they perform at. It also has a slight Netta “Toy” (winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018) feel to it with the loop arrangement. This is a total must-listen during summer; it takes us to the beach during a hot sunny day.


This has an emotional deep feeling to this track which follows brilliantly after “Rise Up”. It’s a soulful song to start off before they switch it up with clear, crisp, and real lyrics. It has such a heartfelt vibe as Bud Sugar continue to impress us.

Simmer Me Down

The start feels like a Shawn Mendes song or a Will Homewood track, and then Bud Sugar starts singing with their rolling vocals and sizzling lyrics. “Simmer Me Down” is pure Bud Sugar meets pop music in every way. This not only impresses us but manages to show the group’s vocal talent, energetic style, and rich lyrics. It’s one of the simplest tracks on the EP and yet one of the stand-out songs.


Ending the EP with the title track and the official single that was released three months ago, Bud Sugar brings it once again. It’s the perfect way to end the EP because they are showing one of their top tracks that definitely shows what they were channelling in the past, whereas the other seven tracks feel much more present. “Vampire” was an obvious single as it is beyond catchy and really shows off the group in their own way, both lyrically and instrumentally. We simply love this song beyond words.

Bud Sugar’s brand new EP, titled “Vampire” is available to download and stream right now. This is one unique band that releases music that is 100% catchy. They’re definitely ones to watch out for as they bring a whole new unique flavour to the music industry.

They are currently campaigning on a GoFundMe page to go to Gambia where they plan on creating more new music and they plan to film a new music video. Click here to help contribute to their trip, and check out the video below about their GoFundMe campaign.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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