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Trevor Drury Releases Stunning New Single ‘Chapter 4’

Commanding model turned singer-songwriter Trevor Drury returns with his powerfully evocative new single (and accompanying music video) ‘Chapter Four’. The track, which documents the ending of a relationship, showcases the depth of Drury’s vocals, and his ability to write emotionally charged lyrics imbued with passion and relatability.

The music video shows a different side to this talented artist, and his dynamic performance helps brings the song to life. Segments of contemporary dance are interspersed with intense images of Trevor and passages of slow motion and sepia tones. The video recounts a story that we have all experienced; that moment of realisation when you understand that a relationship is no longer working.

“This chapter’s closing, it’s closing, but its been my favourite book I read in a while” sings Drury, and you have no choice but to believe him. His smooth and robust vocals drive through the track’s instrumentation as they take their place as the song’s main attraction, and the heavy drum beat gives the single a real pulse.

‘Chapter 4’ is earnest, and heartbreaking, and real. It once again demonstrates that Drury is, fundamentally, a storyteller interested in exploring those inevitable life experiences. Check out ‘Chapter 4’ below, and head to his website to find out more about this talented musician and model.

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Written by Emma

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