TribeTyler’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

Tyler Shelton, known on YouTube as TribeTyler, is a vlogger from Cincinnati who uses his videos to create what he calls a “visual journal.” Dedicated to documenting the journey through his 20s, Tyler delivers cinematic and aesthetically pleasing videos. Last year was an exciting one for Tyler, and we’re taking a look at his top 10 videos of 2015.

10. CarlieStylez & Jackson Wood Wedding | TRIBETYLER

View count: 26,310

 Uploaded on November 22, 2015 this video documents the wedding of friend and fellow YouTuber known as Carliestylez. The video has 1,594 likes and only 10 dislikes.

9. Saying Goodbye

View count: 26,798

Around this time last year, Tyler unveiled his project called Tribe Tyler Europe, or TribeTylerEu. He, along with his girlfriend, Haylee, planned to embark on a 20 day trip across Europe. With a desire to inspire and bring photos to life, Tyler asked his viewers to be a part of the experience by offering their financial support. An Indiegogo campaign was created and those willing to sponsor the project were reward with perks. These perks varied from t-shirts, to stickers, to a personalized post card, to even signed merchandise. The project was 111% funded, with over $12,000 raised. This video documents Tyler and Haylee’s final hours before embarking on their trip. This video, uploaded on May 15th, 2015, currently has 779 likes and 5 dislikes.

8. Cutting Dreads

View count: 27,384

In this video, uploaded on October 17th, 2015, Tyler attends his first ever professional soccer game. After Tyler moved cross-country, his fiance Haylee decides to pay him a visit. Tyler proves his ability to create an entertaining video out of seemingly mundane activities, like shopping at Target, or explaining how dreads work. This video currently has 1,438 likes and 37 dislikes.

7. The Real Vidcon 2015 (Interviews)

View count: 27,432

 For those unaware, VidCon is an annual “multi-genre online video conference” held in California. The convention allows for content creators to connect and interact with their audience. Tyler, along with fellow Youtuber and We The Kings member Danny Duncan, conduct a series of sporadic and hilarious interviews. This video currently sits at 1,625 likes and 16 dislikes and was uploaded on July 28, 2015. Only at VidCon 2015.

6. The Time Of Her Life

View count: 27,883

Tyler and Haylee travel to Salt Lake in this video uploaded on July 18, 2015. Tyler is a part of Youtuber-created clothing line, Trixin, and mentions a Trixin meeting in the works. This video has 1,022 likes and 19 dislikes.

5. How To Beat A Flight Delay | TRIBETYLEREU

View count: 35,575

Uploaded on May 16th, 2015, this video documents day one of the TribeTylerEu journey. Tyler and Haylee make an adventure out of an unexpected setback when their flight is delayed. This video has 994 likes and 5 dislikes

4. What Happened At VloggerFair…

View count: 37,278

VloggerFair is another YouTube Convention that takes place in Seattle. In this video, with 1,859 likes and 77 dislikes, Tyler documents the convention and his escapades around Seattle alongside fellow Youtubers.

3. Feels Like Summer

View count: 45,181

In this video, Tyler and the Trixin crew take a mini road trip to Idaho to shoot a promotional video for Trixin. You can watch that lovely video, shot and edited by Tyler, here. Uploaded on April 20th, 2015, this video has 1,273 likes and 23 dislikes.

2. I Left Haylee!!! | TRIBETYLEREU

View count: 46,319

Already in the swing of TribeTylerEu, Tyler and Haylee find themselves in Salzburg. Whilst traveling from Salzburg to Munich, Haylee gets lost. Tyler proves himself to be an excellent story teller as he recounts the experience. This video, uploaded on June 16, 2015, has 989 likes and 10 dislikes.

1. Not Your Average Proposal

View count: 2,946,938

Tyler’s most popular video, uploaded on July 9, 2015, is one sure to tug on your heart strings. After being together for almost seven years, Tyler decides Rome is the perfect place to ask Haylee to marry him. This video exploded on the internet and was featured on MTV, Cosmopolitan, and many more. Tyler and Haylee were interviewed on HLN after this video went viral. With 30,992 likes and 217 dislikes, this video will make your heart melt.

Tyler is a story teller. One that showcases his ability to make every day an adventure. His story inspires viewers to pursue their dreams, and create adventures wherever life takes them.

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Written by CelebMix