Is Tristan McIntosh American Idol’s Last Ever Winner?

If you’re aware of talent shows, you’ll be familiar with American Idol. Through the years, the show has given us some of the greatest artists in music history. Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood all came from the show and shot to the top. The final ever season of the show has dawned us, and it’s already predicted that Tristan McIntosh will be the winner.

Tristan McIntosh is a 15-year-old student from Nashville, Tennessee. She auditioned for the show and featured on the show on Thursday. With the backing of her father and a family friend, she explained how her mother couldn’t be there since she’s stationed overseas in the military.

Before her audition, Tristan said, ‘I feel like my Mom’s going to be there in spirit’.

Is Tristan McIntosh American Idol's Last Ever Winner? 1

Tristan wowed the judges with her rendition of Mickey Guyton’s ‘Why Baby Why’, resulting in the judges getting emotional. Jennifer Lopez said, ‘that gave me the goosies’.

When it came to fellow judge Harry Connick Jr’s turn to give feedback and his vote, he bared a message from someone who sent it in prior to her audition for him to read.

‘You’ve always called me your big hero, but today you’re my big hero because you are doing something that you’ve dreamed about since you were 10 years old,’ bringing auditionee, Tristan, to tears. ‘Do you know who that’s from? Who’s that from?’

Tristan immediately replied saying it was her Mom and Connick then asked her where her Mom was. She went onto explain how she’s overseas.

‘My sister’s in the military and I get what it’s like to miss somebody,’ Connick sympathised. ‘Well, Tristan, she wouldn’t miss it.’

Then from the wings, a blonde woman walked onto our screens and hugged Tristan, leaving her speechless and bringing the judges to tears.Is Tristan McIntosh American Idol's Last Ever Winner? 2The judges let her Mom, Amy, give Tristan the final result. ‘Tristan, you’re going to Hollywood!’ She professes.

Her father and relatives waiting outside didn’t even know of the arrangement, with her father, Freddie, saying, ‘how did she get here?’

It was a shock for Tristan and her families, and even a shock for viewers.

‘She might win it,’ Lopez said wiping her tears with a tissue, ‘I said it first’.

The teen has got the backing from not only people in America, but all over the world. Her audition video already has 22.3m views on Facebook in less than a day. Previous American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, tweeted this about Tristan.

Could Tristan McIntosh win American Idol? It’s safe to say she has the potential to go all the way.

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Written by CelebMix