Troian Bellisario’s Phone’s Journey To Coachella


On Saturday morning, Pretty Little Liar fans were a bit confused when a strange photo popped up on Troian Bellisario’s Instagram account.

So from the looks of it, it seems as though Troian (better known as Spencer from PLL) left her bag behind after a day of hiking in Los Angeles, but surely she’d notice soon enough and head back for it, right?

Apparently not though, as the person who found her phone then took to snapchat, begging the owner to come back for it before he was forced to leave the park with her bag and all her belongings. (He also posted a slightly strange but quite amusing Instagram picture of the band Disturbed, questioning why they weren’t part of the Coachella line-up, but that’s a different story).

A few hours of silence from both Instagram and snapchat followed, during which we’d hoped the issue was solved. But alas, Troian ended up borrowing a phone from a friend to give a quick update on the situation.

She gained back control of her Instagram, and began posting screenshots of hers and the mystery man’s text conversations (his name, we discovered, is Jack). At first, she seemed a bit frustrated, understandably so. Many times, she begged him to be careful and keep her phone safe. But Jack assured her that it was in good hands, and he hadn’t even taken a look at any pictures or text conversations. He did mention the Coachella tickets in her bag, though, and said he’d considered making use of the passes.

It was then that Troian must have realized that this guy wasn’t looking for his 5 seconds of fame or trying to sell a story to the press. He was pretty genuine and was having a good time with the entire situation. So she made a decision that most celebrities would cringe at, and gave him permission to go to Coachella and use her passes and, as she said “have a blast”. She only requested that he continued to snapchat the festival so she could at least live vicariously through him.

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I watching u on snap, Jack. ?

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The passes, which ended up being VIP, got him some pretty sick backstage access, and he even managed to end the night at a party at Skrillex’s house, all while Troian and her fans watched the story unfold on snapchat.

In the end, of course, Jack did the right thing and returned the phone to its rightful owner.

And to be honest, after all the hijinx Jack got up to, we’re sort of hoping to see more of him. Maybe this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Written by CelebMix