Troye Sivan and Martin Garrix Debut New Song ‘There For You’ At Coachella

On Saturday night at the music festival Coachella, Troye Sivan and Martin Garrix surprised fans with the debut performance of their first song together, called ‘There For You’. This marks Troye’s first time performing at Coachella-  definitely a monumental moment in his career as a musician! He even posted his last photo “pre-Coachella performance.”

Since Troye posted an Instagram story with Martin Garrix in the studio, fans have been anticipating this collaboration. From this debut performance alone, ‘There for You’ already seems to be an instant hit. It features a mix of sweet lyrics such as “When your tears roll down your pillow like a river / I’ll be there for you” and more relatable and honest lyrics, such as “I woke up pissed off today”. The beat drop will catch your attention and brings the song to a whole new level. We can’t wait to hear the studio version!

Fans on Twitter trended #ThereForYouTroye to express their sheer excitement for the new song. Many are also proud of Troye for how much he’s grown as a musician in the past couple years. Performing at one of the largest music festivals in America is no small feat!

The song is yet to have an official release date, but we will be sure to keep you posted as the news drops. ‘There For You’ will be the first new song from Troye Sivan since he released his debut album Blue Neighbourhood in late 2015. He has been busy in the studio for the past month, so we can look forward to hearing more new music soon!

Watch Troye Sivan and Martin Garrix’s full performance of ‘There For You’ courtesy of a Coachella audience member:

Coachella seems to be the perfect place to release new music, as Lady Gaga debuted her new single “The Cure” during her Coachella set last weekend.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.