Troye Sivan premieres Kasum’s remix version of Youth

Troye Sivan’s “Youth” from his album Blue Neighbourhood  has emerged out as a chart-topping single. The song which was released on 4th December 2015 has remained on Billboard Hot 100.

From lyric video and acoustic version to an accompanying video which featured him and his fellow YouTubers dancing at a house party, the song has placed itself as everyone’s favourite dancing track.

Now, we have yet another rendition of the song. NewYork-based producer Kasum has released an upbeat remix of “Youth”. It was first reported by Billboard. As reported by Billboard,

“The remix brings the originally mellow track up to a dance-tempo level, delivering entrancing buildups to drops that hit hard with Sivan’s airy vocals. The beauty of his voice is still all there and paints a partying picture that the single’s dreamy video portrayed.

Listen to the remix version here:

Speaking of the song, Troye Sivan said: “Youth is the fantasy of finding someone that makes you feel like half a person.

“It’s all about the joy, and naivety, and being lost. It’s about dropping everything and running away, making mistakes, loving too hard and how that’s okay even when it’s not.”

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