Troye Sivan Releases Directors Cut of ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ Trilogy

Troye Sivan has just released the director’s cut of his “Blue Neighbourhood” trilogy of songs. The trilogy, consisting of ‘WILD’, ‘FOOLS’, and ‘TALK ME DOWN’, was originally released as three seperate videos over a span of two months last fall. Troye took three seemingly unrelated songs from his debut album, Blue Neighbourhood, and connected them in their music videos using a heartbreaking storyline. The original three videos can be watched in the playlist here. The videos were directed by Tim Mattia and produced by Brandon Bonfiglio.

The story follows Troye and another boy named Matt, who have known each other since childhood in the video. ‘WILD’ shows their adventures together as close childhood friends, and introduces the struggle Matt’s father has with alcohol. In ‘FOOLS’, Troye and Matt are teenagers, and realize they have fallen for each other. They don’t get to be together for long before Matt’s father finds out that Matt is gay, and forces him to break up with Troye. Troye is then heartbroken when he sees Matt holding hands with a girl. ‘TALK ME DOWN’ takes place at the funeral of Matt’s father, where Matt is devastated by his loss. Troye tries to find a way to comfort him, and they get one final sweet moment together, before Matt’s girlfriend pulls him away. The video doesn’t have a clear end, but it is assumed by many that Matt commits suicide.

Now, the three songs and videos have been made into one with some extra special touches- watch the director’s cut below!

Since Troye was nominated for Breakthrough Long-Form Video at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (alongside the likes of Beyoncé), he decided to make the longer version of the trilogy available for everyone to watch.

The director’s cut features most of the same footage from all three of the original videos, but there are some extra shots that make the story take a slightly different shape. We see more from the secondary characters in this director’s cut, including extras with Matt, his father, and Matt’s girlfriend. There are even more shots of Matt’s father drinking, which opens our eyes to how serious his alcoholism may have been. We also get to see the more vulnerable side of Matt, and the true nature of his girlfriend. The transitions between the songs are effortless and smooth, and helps keep the story flowing.

Troye posted this comment under the director’s cut video:

Troye Sivan Releases Directors Cut of 'Blue Neighbourhood' Trilogy 2

In other Troye Sivan news, he recently uploaded a video to his personal channel, the first one in a long time! It documents his adventures on the road and playing music to a huge crowd in Seoul.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.