Troye Sivan’s “WILD” Music Video Inspires Fans To #KeepOnKissing

Troye Sivan is an advocate for the LGBT community, and is also part of the community itself. Three years ago, Troye came out as gay in an emotional YouTube video. He is now very open about his sexuality. He continues to encourage people everyday who are struggling with their own sexualities.

Troye Sivan’s newest single, “WILD” features Alessia Cara. Their music video debuted on July 22.

Troye’s “WILD” is unlike many other artists’ music videos. Instead of having a single heterosexual couple in the video, he includes couples of all kinds. The video shows a group of teens just hanging out and having fun. Same-sex and opposite-sex couples alike show their affection by hugging, flirting, and holding hands. Troye’s “WILD” music video simply celebrates young love!

Troye also spends time with his own boyfriend throughout the video. They even share a kiss at the end!

Troye Sivan’s “WILD” Music Video

The video ends with the message, “KEEP ON KISSING” with a rainbow background.

Troye Sivan’s “WILD” Music Video Inspires Fans To #KeepOnKissing 2

Little did they know, Troye and Alessia ignited a movement on social media. Fans immediately went on Twitter and started the trend, #KEEPONKISSING sharing their own posts.

We are so happy to see love of all kinds represented in a music video. It is important to be inclusive and to show people that all love is the same. Not one couple should be treated differently, no matter who they kiss. It is touching to see that artists, such as Troye, use their platform to bring exposure to serious matters. This one gesture inspired many to broadcast their love online and also inspired some to come out!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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