Tune into Tonio Hall’s New EP ‘Over My Feelings’

Tonio Hall just released a sonic and lyrical masterpiece through an EP titled Over My Feelings. This sets the tone and validates the amazing potential of the young emerging artist. The tracklist is a powerful performance of his unique talents and emits positive and inspirational moods. The EP presents a mix of rap and R&B with a fresh approach.

The Michigan-bred R&B artist has a natural ability to manage his senses and skills through music with clarity and unique rawness. The tracks on the EP are an enthusiastic and emotional combination of control, raw energy, and determination. The artist has garnered much-deserved acclaim for his work and he continues to feature hues of hip-hop and R&B through his songs.

Over My Feelings is a potent demonstration of his versatility and unparalleled musical abilities. The EP perfectly showcases his knack to deliver hard-hitting verses over a spread of laid-back and smooth tunes. His vocals hook the listener as the soundscapes take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Over My Feelings is a staple to have across many playlists.

Written by Magdalena

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