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TV Review: Sex Education

Netflix is at it again with another hit original TV series. Sex Education is a very raunchy TV-MA rated British comedy about a 16 year old kid named Otis who has recently found himself surrounded by high school hormonal teenagers – is he one of them?

The TV-MA rated series is definitely not for kids due to the strong sexual content, nudity, language and more. Viewer beware.

No spoilers ahead.

Desperate for money, rebel student Mavae seeks Otis for his “expertise” on sex, since his mother is a sex therapist. For each student that sees Otis for advice, they are charged for their time and Mavae and Otis split the profits. Throughout the eight episodes, Otis faces issues between friendships, relationships, and sex.

Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa and Gillian Anderson pull off great performances throughout season one and we can only hope that Netflix renews the show for another season.

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The only thing we had a hard time grasping was the time period. It seemed at first that it took place in the 1980’s because of the music that played at parties and the way the characters dressed, but they also make references to musical artists today and have cell phones.

We definitely weren’t expecting the show to be so raunchy, but we were mistaken. However, the show isn’t just about sexual activity, it’s also about how each character develops throughout the season and who they become and what they learn by the end.

Overall score from CelebMix: A-

Watch a recent interview with the cast who are obviously squad goals:

Sex Education is now streaming on Netflix.

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