Twenty One Pilots’ #TOPdebate Ends in Tie

Following the release of the new Twitter Polls feature, artists Twenty One Pilots thought up a very entertaining and interactive way to keep their fans and followers amused. Using the band’s official Twitter account, they launched a mock Presidential debate via poll, asking their 627k followers the supposedly “simple” (though we beg to differ) question of ‘Josh or Tyler’ – giving them only 24 hours to make their decision on who their favourite member is.

In an attempt to persuade people to choose between them, the duo and long-time best friends posted humorous “campaign videos” of their “candidate proposals and promises” on topics ranging from student loans and schooling to more pressing and important issues such as the price of ranch, when it should be legal to start listening to Christmas music and a Red Bull policy. As well as this, they uploaded videos in the style of political adverts shading one another – like Josh approving the message regarding Tyler once being pulled over or Tyler revealing how Josh pours his milk before his cereal (weird, we know).

But there was a twist to this debate; with the pair expressing how the individual who received the most votes, and therefore being the winner, would get to tattoo their name on the loser’s body onstage and in front of a live audience.

Encouraging Twitter users to tweet #IVotedTyler or #IVotedJosh demonstrated that a bunch of celebrity friends got involved in the debate. For instance, singer Lights put in her vote for Josh, while Halsey (who is rumoured to be quite close to Josh) made it known that her vote was going on Tyler and Tyler’s wife, Jenna, stayed faithful to her husband by also casting her vote to Tyler.

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus remained his usual witty self by tweeting out “josh is the only one i’ve met, so i’m voting for him” and replying to Halsey, informing her that her decision to vote for Tyler was a “poor choice”.

But funnily enough, after 261,857 votes, the final results revealed a tie – with neither male being selected over the other.

Twenty One Pilots' #TOPdebate Ends in Tie 1

Evidently, the fans are as torn between their favourite TOP member as we and All Time Low’s Alex are but what this meant was that both had to get the other’s name tattooed.

And so, during a sold-out show at Milwaukee’s Eagles Ballroom last night, Tyler inked his name just above Josh’s knee and Josh did the same to Tyler.

Twenty One Pilots' #TOPdebate Ends in Tie 2  Twenty One Pilots' #TOPdebate Ends in Tie 1

That’s true friendship right there.

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Written by CelebMix