TWICE Releases Video for "Knock Knock"

TWICE Releases Video for “Knock Knock”

Korean girl group TWICE recently released an adorable video for their latest single titled “Knock Knock” off of their EP Twicecoaster.

Within the video you see the nine members of TWICE singing along to “Knock Knock” while having fun at a slumber party, constantly waiting for someone to knock on their door. When someone finally knocks on the door, the girl’s are greeted by their producer, Park Jinyoung. After waiting the whole time for someone to knock on their door, they shut the door on him with disappointing looks on their faces.

It’s when they get another knock on the door with a fairytale book left on the door step that causes the girl’s get excited. Within the book, outfits from their previous video “TT” are shown. After looking through the book, the girl’s go outside to play in the snow, only to be locked out and be the one now knocking on the door.

Once the door is opened, two young kids in Halloween costumes are standing there. For viewers who haven’t seen the video for “TT,” the ending may be confusing. But for people who have seen “TT,” it’s pretty cool how TWICE featured glimpses of that video into this one. Now the only question is, will their next video be connected in some way? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Check out the video for “Knock Knock” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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