Tyler Oakley’s Top 10 videos of 2015

With almost 8 million subscribers on YouTube, Tyler Oakley is a big internet personality. A huge part of his job has been dedicated to the LGBT+ community, since Oakley is openly gay himself.

2015 was a very successful year for Tyler. His debut book called Binge, a humorous collection of things he’s experienced, came out in October and his documentary film Snervous was released in December.

Here are Tyler’s most viewed videos of 2015!

10. The Birds and the Bees (ft. Mamrie Hart)

Published: 13th March 2015

Views: 2,4m
Likes: 152k
Dislikes: 850

As you can say by the title, in this video, Tyler and Mamrie talk birds and bees in their own funny way. The viewers obviously liked the idea!

9. Pancake Art Fail (ft. Hannah Hart)

Published: 18th August 2015

Views: 2,4m
Likes: 135k
Dislikes: 700

Lots of youtubers has already filmed themselves making pancakes. However, Tyler and Hannah chose really specific shapes for their pancakes and aslo, the experiment didn’t really work out. Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem to mind Tyle’s viewers.

8. The 7 Second Challenge (ft. danisnotonfire)

Published: 17th August 2015

Views: 2,4m
Likes: 213k
Dislikes: 500

Tyler filmed this video with his YouTube friend from England, Dan Howell, during one of his many trips to the UK. Dan and his pal Phil invented a game, which you can now download as an app, called The 7 Second Challenge. Tyler and Dan played the game in the video and it lead to  interesting and hilarious moments.

7. The Final Chicken Nugget Challenge (ft. Corey Kuhl)

Published: 17th April 2015

Views: 2,6m
Likes: 167k
Dislikes: 850

Tyler and his friend Corey bought an incredible amount of chicken nuggets and they haven’t done it for the first time. The principle is pretty simple; who eats more nuggets, wins.

6. Becoming Miranda (ft. Bethany Mota)

Published: 26th August 2015

Views: 2,8m
Likes: 181k
Dislikes: 1,3k

In this video, Tyler revealed that his favourite youtuber is probably Miranda Sings. He and Bethany Mota then dressed up as Miranda, put makeup on themselves just like Miranda does and they even tried impersonating the way Miranda talks!

5. My Firts Tattoo (ft. Queen Jackie)

Published: 12th August 2015

Views: 2,5m
Likes: 185k
Dislikes: 750

Tyler and his mother decided to get a tattoo by a very famous tattoo artist, american Romeo Lacoste. The video contains everything from their excitement to the process of getting tattooed. Okley got a tattoo of an owl on his forearm and Jackie got some kind of a mandala between her shoulder blades.

4. So… I Was on Ellen?

Published: 21st May 2015

Views: 3m
Likes: 231k
Dislikes: 900

Tyler was a guess on the Ellen show in May. He and the TV host played a game as if she was his fellow youtuber. They played a game in which Tyler asked Ellen question and she had to answer as fast as she could.

3. The Ultimate Disney Challenge (ft. Zoella)

Published: 5th August 2015

Views: 3,5m
Likes: 354k
Dislikes: 900

This video, as many of the others, was filmed during August, which Oakley likes to call Auguest. The young youtuber published a video featuring someone a day during the month. Tyler and Zoella (Zoë Sugg) has been friend for years and they share a huge liking in Disney films together.

2. Balloon Popping: Miranda’s Greatest Fear (ft. Miranda Sings)

Published: 13th August 2015

Views: 4,1m
Likes: 229k
Dislikes: 1,5k

Tyler and Miranda put a balloon into some kind of a device, which has needles in it and when you push it in, it doesn’t actually pop, unless there are lots of needles inside. However, Miranda revealed that she’s really scared of balloon popping. In the end of the video, Miranda walks away and Tyler’s acompanied by a beautiful young lady, Colleen Ballinnger Evans, who is in fact the actress of the silly Miranda Sings.

1. Tyler Oakley: You Dare To Be You

Published: 8th September 2015

Views: 5,4m
Likes: 97k
Dislikes: 6k

It’s almost unbelievable, that a 30 second long video has reached so many views. This video is sponsored by YouTube and it dares Tyler’s fans to show their true self. In the end, is there something more important than being true to ourselves?

Written by CelebMix