Uh-oh… Katie Hopkins has her own panel show

Ever wondered what would happen if Katie Hopkins was joined by a mix of equally outspoken celebrities, comedians, experts and a studio audience, to put forward and debate rules for life? This no-holds-barred series debates some of the issues that get Britain talking – at home in front of the TV, at work, in the pub or on social media – but as you’ve never heard them talked about before. Expect mischief, mayhem and – from time to time – moodiness as Katie and the three panelists battle it out to have their often outrageous rules passed or rejected by a live studio audience vote.

Katie and her guests share their rules to make life better. In each programme four rules are put forward and debated by Katie and the panelists. Everything is fair-game for discussion from vaginal steaming to OAP “bed blockers”, men earning more than women and baby on board stickers but nothing will go unchecked as for once Katie will be surrounded by people prepared to fight back. And we don’t just mean the panelists… The 100-strong studio audience is equally outspoken, many with a personal connection to the rules being thrashed out.

Guests putting their rules to the test and up for challenging the outspoken Ms Hopkins include academic and agent provocateur, Professor Germaine Greer, plus size Essex girl and TV star, Gemma Collins and comedian and writer Mark Dolan who must be the bravest man in Britain, as he will take up the challenge of moderating the debates – and Katie.

And, ultimately, it is up to the audience – will they choose to throw out the rules and silence the outspoken queen of quotes or will they find themselves actually agreeing with Katie Hopkins? Either way, for once, she won’t get the last word, with the studio audience voting on whether she’s talking sense or spouting rubbish.

Premieres Thursdays from 6th August, 10pm on TLC.

Written by CelebMix