UK victorious after shopping task win, USA residents to receive basic food budget

Earlier this week, a poll was launched on the Big Brother app which gave viewers the power to vote for who they wanted from both sides of the pond to be responsible for passing the shopping task for their country.

Over the past few days housemates have been taking part in challenges in order to earn points.

Housemates had to run to the dancefloor in the garden every time Scoops’ song ‘Be Faithful’ played as fast as they could with Big Brother playing the music at unexpected times.

They sacrificed personal property including lip gloss, hair products and dressing gowns. Gail had to stop cleaning the house & Stevi & Chloe had to stay seperate from each other until further notice.

They also had to endure buckets of foul substances being poured over their heads including cheese and fish guts.

Today, Big Brother gathered housemates in the living area where the results of the task were revealed and who was responsible from each country to pass the task.

James and Farrah’s names were called out by Big Brother and their total points that they earned were called out. James earned 400 points and Farrah earned a respectable 380 points.

The UK housemates cheered over their victory in the living room and had a group hug, while Farrah apologised to her fellow American housemates on her failure.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

Written by CelebMix