Why Do Ultraviolets Love Hey Violet?

Hey Violet is an American pop punk band signed to 5 Seconds of Summer’s record label, Hi or Hey Records. The band is composed of drummer, Nia Lovelis, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist Miranda Miller, lead singer Rena Lovelis,  lead guitarist Casey Moreta, and their new bassist, Iain Shipp. They’re a small band with a small fanbase but that doesn’t mean don’t have big hearts.

They do their best to meet as many fans as they can, hosting HV Unplugged sessions at as many shows as they can. Even when they’re not on tour they do their best to interact with fans whether it’d be through social media or by sending them postcards.

Hey Violet’s lyrics are yet another thing that establish a strong connection with fans. Their music has empowering lyrics that stick with fans and help them through their hard times. One of their songs, O-D-D, is about being an outcast and being that person who doesn’t fit in. Through their lyrics and through their socials, each band member does their part to make sure their ultraviolets don’t feel alone.

These are only a few of the things Hey Violet do for their fans. They’ve proven again and again that, despite any rumors, they love their ultraviolets and care for their happiness.

Every ultraviolet has a different story on how Miranda, Nia, Rena, Iain and Casey have helped them become more confident. So, CelebMix took the time to ask fans from all around the world why they love Hey Violet. Here are their answers.

Denise | 13 | Missouri

I first found out about Hey Violet through 5 Seconds of Summer. When I first listened to their music, in about January of 2015, I honestly didn’t like it. I thought it was kind of odd, and I didnt like it. That was until my depression kicked in. I don’t know what really made it happen, it just kind of did. I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to eat because I thought I was fat. I didn’t want to do anything. When I’m really upset I listen to music, and so that’s what I did. I was listening to someone’s crying playlist on spotify and a song was playing. I wasn’t completely sure who it was by, but the lyric “there’s a constellation in your eyes,” really stuck out to me. Once i found out it was by Hey Violet, i had more respect for them. They helped me with a lot of issues, like depression, anxiety, and self image issues. They’ve helped me realize its okay to be weird and I should embrace it. I know many people who can relate to their song O-D-D, me being one of them and it’s so cool. i just love and appreciate every one of them.

Marni | 18 | San Diego, CA

I love Hey Violet because they inspire me to be who I am and follow my dreams. Most bands lately are singing about things that only relate to the lifestyle of someone who is super famous. Hey Violet’s songs though, are more relatable to people than the majority of mainstream songs on the radio are. I also love them for the amount of friends I have made through them. I honestly wouldn’t know some of my best friends if it wasn’t for them. Hey Violet have inspired me to follow my passions because that’s what they did and they are the same age as me and I could never thank them enough for all they have done for me.

Paula | 20 | Croatia

I love Hey Violet because they care abour their fans. They spread positivity and love. They chat with us, they always meet us, and they teach us how to play their music. They give us tips if we feel down. Miranda is the sweetest person I know of. She was worried when I was on SLFL because I was alone at the bus station all night. They will do anything for us. They send postcards to fans and make meet ups. I love them because they are proud of us when we achieve something. When we are happy they are happy for us. They give us support for everything we want to do. This fandom are all loving and supportive. We never and we accept the band for who they are.

Charlotte | 13 | VA

I have loved Hey Violet since the first day I met them, I remember the way me heart races when I looked them in the eyes I’ll never for get that day, September 6, 2015. That was probably the best day of my life. Hey Violet have helped me through so much, I will never forget all the times they tweeted me and liked my pictures/ tweets, when you see that notification, your heart speeds up and it’s such an amazing feeling. I always feel down in the dumps and everything they do lifts my spirits. They’re not like a band known by every one, they’re kinda like a small town band, but they’re known worldwide, it’s not like 5sos where you have a 1/288393838272727 chance of meeting them/them tweeting you, and it’s not just one member that does all the tweeting, it’s each of them individually. That’s why I love Hey Violet, because I know they love me back. Not a single time do I ever question it.

Evie | 15 | The Netherlands

I think I’ve been a fan of them since early 2015? I’m honestly not even sure anymore. I do remember that I hated them at first, kind of a funny story actually, since they’re now my favourite band. I used to hate them because there were stupid rumours about Miranda and Luke Hemmings from 5SOS being a thing and all, and I, being stupid and naive, thought that that was true and believed every single rumour. Eventually I realized that it was just a rumour and that it was dumb of me to actually believe that. So I checked out Hey Violet’s music and I loved it so much. I started doing research on them, I started to follow them on my socials, those kind of things. Eventually some friends and me decided to make a Dutch Hey Violet update account and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we dont update much anymore, mostly because we’re all very busy. But through that account I was introduced to a Twitter groupchat with Ultraviolets from all over the world. We also had a Whatsapp groupchat and through Whatsapp I got closer and closer with them. I actually met one of them in Glasgow this year! It was amazing. I got to know so many great people who will always be there for me and will always support me. I feel like I can truly be myself with them and I love them a lot. Now, about the band themselves. They’re such amazing people, it’s truly wonderful. They’re so much nicer to their fans than most artists are. At ROWYSO they did acoustic hangouts, at SLFL they did HV Unplugged before the shows, you won’t see many other artists do that. They literally do everything that’s possible to meet their fans, of course they can’t meet all of them though, but when you go to a HV concert you go there thinking you have a good chance of meeting them. If you got to a, for example 5SOS concert, you just know that there is a tiny chance you’ll meet them. Hey Violet have a PO box so that fans can send them letters and gifts and they actually read the letters and if someone gifts them a shirt or something they will wear it. They notice their fans all the time, they reply, retweet, like and even DM them. They’re absolute sweethearts, and their music is amazing. Their voices are great, and the way they are so into the music is awesome. You can see how much they love what they do. Hey Violet mean a lot to me. They give me courage. The courage to dress the way I want, to do and say what I want, and to be proud if who I am. I just really really really love them, so much that I can’t even express it in words.

Dani | 20 | Holland

I’ve been a fan of Hey Violet since their early years and have seen them grow and change throughout the years. Their music is amazing and their personalities are great, but the biggest thing I love about them is the love and appreciation they have for their fans. In my life I’ve met quite some bands and none of them have ever been so kind and sweet to their fans as Hey Violet. They make us feel like we’re their family or friends, not just fans! They interact with us daily and keep us updated the whole time, and every time they’re having a concert somewhere they try to meet as many of us as possible! That’s the thing I adore the most about them!

Lily | 15 | UK

I have loved ‘Hey Violet’ since 2013, when they were know as Cherri Bomb. I had no one else to see at Warped that year, so I went along to see Cherri Bomb. From that moment, I have been a fan. Three years later and they’re still the same loving, generous, and incredible people you can ever meet. I have no idea where I would be without them. They put so much effort into everything they do. Rena, Casey, Miranda, Iain and Nia have changed so many peoples lives as Hey Violet. In such a short amount of time, they’ve experimented with lots of different music styles and aced every one of them. I want them to know how appreciated they are and how much we love them. The world dosen’t deserve these beauties. I love them to the moon and back.

Liz | 13 | New Jersey

Music has always been an escape of mine. Plugging in my ear buds gives me a new state of mind and I could keep them in all day. The type of music I listen to varies a lot but one band I dedicate a lot of my time to, not just by listening but creating a bond with the members, is Hey Violet. I remember hearing they were going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and I instantly started questioning who they were so the first thing I did was pull up their newly released self titled EP. The first song I listened to was Sparks Fly and I can clearly remembering a new feeling washed over my body and as a music lover I was completely sucked in. The way their music sounded wasn’t different from what I usually listen to but hearing Rena’s voice was definitely something very unique about them. After doing more research about them and practically worshiping them for about a year and half now, I can say that they’ve changed my life forever. Growing up is hard for everyone and having someone to be there with you and guide you a long a journey that can be overwhelming, is calming. I love their style and I love the way they handle themselves. Hey Violet is definitely a band I won’t ever forget and they’ve helped me break out of a shell into someone I’ve always wanted to be. I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me and their fans. I hope one day more people will realize how amazing they really are. I also wish that they keep making more music and continue to inspire people every day.

Meghan | 16 | Oregon

I love Hey Violet because of everything they do for their fans! They always try to meet people who support them, wether it’s through the acoustic hangout they do, or going out to coffee with them! Every fan is super important to them. If they can’t meet them, HV has been known to oovoo, call, and send postcards to fans! They always put their fans first, and there’s never a day that goes by without one of the members responding to a fans tweet! You’re apart of their life just as much as they’re apart of yours!

Jo | 15 | Michigan

Hey Violet are an insanely talented band. I remember being super excited last year when 5SOS had the ‘Hi or Hey Announcement’ thing and listening to This Is Why afterwards. It was an incredible song and it still gives me chills when I listen to it because it’s that good. The day after the Hi or Hey Announcement I went to school and whilst in the computer lab I was lowkey listening to This Is Why and old Cherri Bomb songs instead of whatever I was supposed to be doing. It’s really different to see a pop-punk band made up of mostly girls but it’s also really inspiring. They’re that feminine voice in pop-punk that’s so hard to find. It’s cool to be able to see them grow and show that a girl can do as much as a guy can. Their music really speaks to me. Hey Violet is really good at writing lyrics that speak to fans which is something really cool. And they speak to fans themselves too. Despite the fact that their growing they don’t fail to lose that connection they have with us. It shows they really do care about us.

Maggie | 15 | West Virginia

I love Hey Violet. They make me so happy. I met them at ROWYSO late year and it was the best day of my life. They never fail to make me happy no matter how sad I am. They mean the world to me and a follow from any of them would mean so much to me. They’re getting bigger and that means the chances of me getting noticed are getting smaller, but I’m still really proud of them.

Ellie | 16 | Canada

Hey Violet mean more to me than any of the bands that I have ever listened to. Every single song that they’ve put out, is a song that I can heavily relate to and have an impact from. Hey Violet isn’t just a band that puts out relatable music and performs on stage for different crowds every night. They’re more than that. I like to think of them as friends who give you amazing advice through the music they play. They’ve managed to build up that close of a bond with me, and not just me but the entire fandom. That to me is extremely important, because every musician needs to have an intimate bond with their fans. I love Hey Violet because they’ve taught me to step out of my comfort zone and to live on the wild side. That the most important thing in life is to always be yourself, that changing who you are to fit in isn’t everything. They’ve taught me that the opinions of others about yourself, should not matter to you. You should always think about yourself and put your happiness first; it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, especially when you’re selfless most of the time. Because of Hey Violet I’ve learned to be me. I’ve learned to be happy and be positive. I’ve learned to surround myself with people that care. I’ve learned that if I want something, I should go for it and don’t stop until I’ve got it. All I can say about Hey Violet is that I’m thankful to have such a huge impact on my life from them and that I love them a lot. There truly aren’t enough thank yous in the world that could make up for the things that they have done for me.

Krysha | 13 | New York

I went to my first concert at the beginning of summer. It was 5SOS and Hey Violet opened for them. I instantly fell in love. I was dancing wildly with my best friend to Fuqboi and laughing about how it relates to someone we know, honestly it was one of the best moments of my life. After the show I went home and researched them and I’ve loved them ever since. They’re all genuinely amazing people and I wish I could’ve gone to the HV unplugged for my show.

Avery | 13 | Missouri

It was a rough journey to get to where I am today. Over the course of my life, I’ve never felt the passion. The passion some people get from watching their favorite sports team play, or playing it themselves. I never felt that, and I think that’s the main aspect that made me feel sad. I felt sad for a long time. It happened when I was in 5th grade, because I could never find the one activity that I knew I aspired to be. Everyone knew what they wanted to be. She wanted to be a dancer, he wanted to be an artist. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, and it really put me aside from others. I became genuinely sad about it one day that I just went on Youtube and looked at songs to make you feel better. Many songs came up, I skipped many more but one song stuck out to me. I’m There by a band called Hey Violet came up. The song made me go from instantly sad to really happy, knowing people went through the same stuff as I did, and knowing many more would be there for me. My life just went uphill from that. I knew what I aspired to do, I knew what I needed to do, and most of all, I was happy. They made me happy. They made me smile. They made me a year clean from self harm. I am not self conscious of myself, but i love my body now. the music they write, the music they play, put me in a good mood. every single one of them had shaped me into the person i am today. they all helped me stay on this earth, and i cant thank them enough. they are life savers. they are role models. i love them for that.

Suad | 16 | Canada

I really like Hey Violet’s sound and how much it’s changed. Not gonna lie, their first EP wasn’t all that great, but their second one really shows how they’ve grown a bit and how they’re trying to find what sounds is right for them. I haven’t interacted with all of them on Twitter, Rena is the only one left, but they all seem like very sweet people and their music makes me feel good. I’m really happy I’ve found them and started listening to them and I can’t wait for more music to come.

Darby Taylor | 14 | MA

Hey Violet are an amazing, inspiring band. With the members of Hey Violet being so young, it shows how hard they worked to get where they are. I love how they dealt with schoolwork, and the band at the same time. Hey Violet write not only cool, funky somgs, they also write relatable and meaningful songs. They are capable of having fun, but being serious as well, on tour. Besides working hard for their band, they have amazing personalities, and are so nice and appreciative to their fans. They do so many things at once to be able to do what they do, and I love Hey Violet for that.

Emily | 17 | The Netherlands

I love Hey Violet because they genuinely care about their fans – for example, when a fan tweets them they’re clean for however long they would reply saying they’re proud etc. they always try to make us happy and they’re v sweet to their fans and threat them more as friends which is special. they made me and so many other fans more confident about ourselves and taught us it’s okay to be ourselves even though people might judge – it doesn’t matter what other people say/think because ‘hate shouldn’t get us, love is all that matters. I also love to see how passionate they are about music. another thing I love about Hey Violet is their fandom – the fandom is full amazing people and I met some of my best friends because of them. and last but not least; Hey Violet always manages to distract me from things happening in my life by watching their youtube videos, listening their music, talking to the amazing people I got to know because of them, getting tweeted by them etc. they’re literal sunshines

Liliana | 14 | USA

I love hey violet because they make me so happy. They can always make me laugh and smile, even when I’m really sad. They spread so much positivity as a whole band and I really think the world could use some more of that. Not only that, but their music. The way they get their fans pumped and excited for new music is amazing. It gives us something to look forward to and when the music does finally come out, we all can talk about it. I feel like I can also connect with their music, with things in my life making me feel like I’m NOT alone, but also with them. They put so much energy and passion into their music for US. They use their music to connect with us and I love that, so that way we can feel like we are apart of it. Hey Violet have done so much for me and I know for others too. They are incredible musicians, but amazing people as well.

Becky | 19 | Birmingham

I love Hey Violet because they’re such a genuine band and very inspiring. There aren’t a great deal of female musicians in the music industry who play their own instruments so I think they’re a really good band for their younger followers to look up to. They’re all such lovely, talented people and really care about the music and the fans.

Matthew Golden | 22 | Los Angeles

I love Hey Violet because of their drive. They have such a passion and they have never let anything stop them on their journey. They are the nicest people and they truly care about their fans and love doing anything can for them. I love them so much!!

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