Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: S2 E1 Review

 Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is here and we feel like we’ve been waiting forever since Season 1 aired March 6th, 2015.

We’ve sat down completely willingly and have already binge-watched the entire 2nd season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and decided to review what we thought was utter perfection for a follow-up season! We can promise you that you will not be disappointed by Season 2, it is just as hilarious as Season 1, maybe even better!

There are spoilers ahead in this article, each episode of Season 2 has been written about and labelled so you know where you can read to if you’re only a few episodes in and you don’t want any spoilers. You have been warned!

When you first click on Season 2 of UKS Netflix plays an ever optimistic recap trailer introduction, just to remind you of all the fun and events of the first season in case you forgot after your last Kimmy binge watch. This is an optional thing to watch, Netflix has provided a skip button in case you’re a Kimmy superfan and don’t need reminding. You can also “Kimmy-fy” your Netflix account by pressing a button on the Netflix page if you’re on a laptop. The Kimmy-fy button makes your cursor sparkle as you hover over the Netflix web page and also makes the Netflix page pink and purple.

Before you "Kimmy-fy" Netflix
Before you “Kimmy-fy” Netflix
Kimmy-fy Netflix
Kimmy-fy Netflix

The theme tune still has us jamming every time and it’s great to hear it once again, let’s talk Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!


Episode 1: Kimmy Goes Rollerskating

It’s Christmas and Kimmy can’t seem to wrap her head around the idea of having a tree indoors. Kimmy seems excited for Christmas as she points out her efforts to hang stockings (they’re not stockings at all, they’re old socks…) over the fireplace. Everything seems great and Titus, Lillian and Kimmy seem settled and ready for Christmas until the show flashes back to three months earlier.

Kimmy goes on a date and it’s with her crush, Dong, at a sliders restaurant where Kimmy is confused and disappointed at the lack of slides. The issue here is that she’s not actually on a date with Dong, it turns out that Kimmy is on a date with a guy quite the opposite of Dong and Dong was just a figure of Kimmy’s imagination. This just broke our hearts when we realised that Kimmy was imagining her mediocre date to be Dong. How could you do that to us, Tina Fey? On her date Kimmy isn’t so sure what a vegan is, no Kimmy, it’s not where animals can marry each other and unlike her usual optimistic self Kimmy goes home to Lillian to talk about how horrible her date was. She waited 15 years. She got a job, she got a boyfriend and then the world was like PSYCH! We hate seeing Kimmy so sad!

In this episode, we really get to know our favourite characters a lot better than we thought we could. Through a very confusing divorce we learn about Titus’ wife Vonda and even though you might feel like you shouldn’t like Vonda for the sake of your love for Titus, you really will love Vonda. We learn a lot more about Titus and who he was before he left his wife and the hard-hitting reality of Titus’ struggle being a closet homosexual man before he could truly be himself in NYC which, let us not forget, is an unfortunate very real fear in the LGBT community and we are so glad that a character in one of our favourite shows highlights this. Titus talks about his fear of acceptance and wanting to live a lie by marrying a woman to hide his true self, but come the day of his wedding, during the after-party he admits to a family member that he is a “homosexual having a panic attack” realising that he can’t live this lie forever, so vows to himself that he is no longer his birth name Ronald Wilkerson he is called Titus Andromedon and runs away, leaving Vonda behind before their first dance as man and wife. Ronald Wilkerson (Titus) was declared legally dead after his wife said he had been missing for 10 years and Vonda claimed the social security money and insurance pay out because Ronald had insured his legs, so now Vonda owes Titus money and cannot sue Titus because Titus isn’t Ronald (even though he is) because Ronald is dead and you can’t sue the dead man. Does that make sense to you?

Jacqueline finds out more about her Native American roots and goes to stay with her parents and she realises that she’s not been the daughter she should’ve been. Even her parents are a little sick of her staying with them and ask her to go back to Manhattan where she has found herself and become the person she is today. It’s not that Jacqueline’s parents don’t love her, she’s just very needy and draining on their resources. Besides, we think Kimmy is a better fit to be looking after Jacqueline, they may be worlds apart but they are hilarious together.

Kimmy and Dong bump into one another and Dong says he’s been watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians to learn English since Kimmy couldn’t teach him anymore and several times during episode one Dong quotes the show mocking the Kardashians. We mean there are a lot of references to the Kardashians, a lot. We can’t say that Kimmy and Dong kiss… but Kimmy and Dong definitely kiss at some point in the episode.

Lillian’s fashion is on point for the whole of episode 1. Lillian’s hair is like beautiful spaghetti and she rocks a tutu all around New York, even while roller-skating. Lillian’s fashion sense is our aspiration in life. Lillian also reunites with an old lover, Bobby and the pair go roller-skating with Dong and Kimmy.

To end episode 1 there’s a dance number by Titus and Vonda on Platform B to their wedding dance song Forever Your Girl by Paula Abdul. The dance number includes choreography that we would expect Titus to throw out there, he’s just so sassy! Bobby and Lillian sing a Ukelele number to end the episode too and it’s so beautiful.

Episode one was an incredible introduction to season 2 and we simply could not wait to watch the next episode, which led to a massive UKS binge and we were not disappointed!


Our most memorable quotes from the episode are:

You’re like a cartoon person” – Vonda to Kimmy.

Au Reviour nae Felicia’s…” – Titus.

 8/10 Star IMDB user rating.
We are all Titus
We are all Titus
Overall, each and every episode in the second season considered, we’ve been taken on a journey of discovery with the cast of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We admit, the first season was great so we were worried they wouldn’t be able to follow, but they did spectacularly. If you haven’t seen the show you really should and if you have, watch it again! The show is full of messages that every single person can relate to about love and friendship. The messages that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt share are important whether it is the message of self-acceptance or accepting others. The character development in the show has blown us away and the characters feel even realer despite the ridiculousness of the situations they can get themselves into. CelebMix absolutely recommends that you watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!
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