Union J Support PETA in SeaWorld Boycott

The Union J boys have joined forces with animal rights foundation PETA to campaign in order to stop people visiting SeaWorld and other marine parks.

They are spreading an important message about cruelty in the animal attractions at SeaWorld, specifically, Orcas. They are in small enclosed spaces with nowhere to go, which is the complete opposite to the oceans they’d have if they were set free into their natural habitats.

Earlier this year, SeaWorld announced that they would stop breeding Orcas in captivity which was a huge step to take. PETA are now aiming to free all of these animals into Sea Sanctuaries.

To help people empathise with what the Orcas are going through, Union J have done a photoshoot with all of them squashed into a bath. What would we do if we were confined to just a bathtub?

Check out the video below to see behind the scenes of the photoshoot and what the boys think about animals living in captivity.

Union J aren’t the only celebrities backing PETA in their fight for animals. The Vamps singer James McVey is also trying to inspire people to become vegetarians and inform the public on why chickens shouldn’t just be food.

Check out the video below:

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Written by Emma Soteriou

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