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Unsigned Artist of the Week: Jamie Scott

Here at CelebMix, we love introducing you to unsigned artists who deserve to be heard all around the world. Today, our Unsigned Artist of the Week is singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer extraordinaire Jamie Scott.

We’ve been a fan of Jamie’s since 2012 now, however, he hasn’t always been a solo artist. You may recognise Jamie by sight, as he first gained attention as a member of boyband Kingsland Road, who competed on series 10 of The X Factor UK in 2013. He became synonymous for his vigorous dance moves, of which judge Nicole Scherzinger coined as ‘thrustations’.

In late 2014, Jamie decided that band life wasn’t for him and quit the group. Since then, he has been grafting hard on his solo material, honing his songwriting, production and dancing skills along the way.

Since he released his first original track ‘In My Thoughts’ online two years ago, we’ve seen an incredible development in Jamie’s music. Moving away from the pop tracks he sang in Kingsland Road, Jamie’s solo sound is very much RnB heavy, and oozes so much soul and passion. The tracks he’s released are from the heart, and there is a genuine honesty to them as he writes and produces them himself.


Jamie is extremely diverse as an artist. He has the ability to have fun with his music and his performances, but he also isn’t afraid of digging deep and unleashing heartfelt emotion. He has both an old school soul and a modern edge to his music which is refreshing to hear. His music aims to inspire his listeners – Jamie’s journey hasn’t been the smoothest but he is one of the most determined individuals that we know. Jamie always encourages people to follow their dreams, which is exactly what he’s doing himself. If anyone is destined to succeed, it’s him.

We also love how positive Jamie is. It’s easy to get weighed down by difficult situations but he has managed to use his songwriting as an outlet to turn negativity into positivity. One of his songs, ‘Doctor’, was written after Jamie went through a tough break up, and a personal battle of not knowing where he wanted to be in life or who he was. He decided to share the song with his fans in the hope of being able to bring a smile to someone’s face when they were feeling down.


We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jamie perform live in the past. He has an infectious energy and sprinkles each song with his own unique style. He has so much fun on stage, making it impossible for you not to want to dance and sing along too. There is no doubt that his music will be ingrained in your head after you listen to it! One of his biggest earworms is ‘Bad Boy Swing’, which has an awesome vibe to it, complete with the sound of an electric distorted guitar. It’s one of those songs which you can easily lose yourself in.


One of Jamie’s most recent originals is the gorgeous piano track ‘I Miss You’. Whilst it’s a heartfelt offering, which Jamie found difficult to record at first as it would make him cry, it also has a slick RnB vibe which gives it a catchy edge. The song will resonate with anyone who’s lost someone dear to them.


In terms of covers, he has the ability to put his unique spin on any song that you throw at him. Jamie regularly uploads covers on YouTube, most of which you’ll find him performing on a keyboard. He’s partial to a good old mashup and often unleashes some slick movements too. In all honesty, it’s quite hard to watch any of his videos without the biggest smile on your face.

Over the past few years, he has tackled a wide range of artists, including Fifth Harmony, Adele, Take That, Zayn, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, and his beloved Beyoncé (the first thing you’ll get to know about Jamie is that he LOVES Queen Bey!).

One of our favourite covers is his recent RnB version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’. Everything about it just works perfectly. Not only does an RnB twist suit the song marvellously, but Jamie is able to show off his vocals, keyboard playing and dance moves, proving that he is definitely an all round talent.

2017 looks set to be another strong year for Jamie Scott as he continues to perfect his craft, with more music and live shows on the way. We recently caught up with him to talk about his songwriting process, what he hopes people will take from his music and what we can expect from him this year.

You write and produce your own music. Can you talk us through your songwriting process? 

My songwriting process usually starts from an emotion or situation I’ve experienced and the only way I can make sense of it or move on from it is by writing about it or else it will just stay bottled up inside; it’s basically therapy. I usually start with lyrics and a melody then I go to my piano and find chords, then I’ll start creating a beat. I always seem to come up with song ideas on the toilet too hahahaha.

What’s your favourite lyric that you’ve ever written? 

“I got a knock knock on the door of my heart, but you entered before I put on the lock” – that’s a line from a song called ‘FEELINGS’. It will be on my debut EP.

Out of the songs you’ve shared with fans so far, which is your favourite and why?

My favourite song online is ‘In My Thoughts’ because it was the first ever original song that I wrote, produced and sang as a solo artist and uploaded online, so it has a cute special place in my heart!

What do you hope that people will take from your music?

I want people to dance, cry, smile, feel inspired and empowered, twerk, and also make babies to my music ;) there’s definitely a chance to do all those things with my songs to come!!!!! I also hope people can relate to my lyrics and enjoy the stories I tell and connect it to their own life. Since I left Kingsland Road over two years ago I’ve written around 100 songs so there’s definitely an eclectic mix of music and experiences to come!!!!

What do you hope to achieve as an artist in 2017?

In 2017, in the words of Rihanna I want to “work work work work work” haha. I will be way more consistent with uploading videos and music, do more gigs/tours, find a manager/team, keep making music, writing & producing, hopefully start writing/producing for other artists, and start to build a fanbase as a solo artist!! I’m also planning to put out 2 EP’s this year – both of which have 7 tracks. My debut EP is currently being mixed/mastered/engineered and will hopefully be out by Summer 2017 and then the next EP will be out at the end of the year!

One last final inspiring word. I truly believe that talent isn’t the key to get you where you want to be in life, hard work is what will and that’s what I’ve been doing & plan on doing for the rest of my life. I will never give up and I hope my persistence and courage inspires people out there to chase their dreams too!!!! Every single human being on this Earth is capable of success and living their dreams, but the people who work for it are the ones who will get it =] xxx

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