Unsigned Artist Of The Week: Summer City

We love finding new bands to get hooked on and are going to be highlighting this weekly in our Unsigned Artist of The Week features. This week’s edition shines the spotlight on pop rock outfit Summer City.

The quartet based in Ripon (North Yorkshire for all of you not great at geography!) are making waves thanks to making a famous fan in Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus. He’s spoken out about his love for the track We Were On A Break, we aren’t joking, just look below!


The band formed when 13 and have been able to develop their musical skills thanks to gaining a local fanbase, winning the battle of the bands competitions then progressing onto playing with larger names. With two EPs behind them; debut Six Good Reasons followed by 2016 effort Reprobates you’ll love the pop-punk and electro vibes with some classic pop rock thrown in for good measure. 2017 is set to bring new shows, a new EP and plenty more so you should probably get used to their name and sound sooner rather than later.



To find out more about this quartet we asked them 5 quick fire questions…

Who were your musical influences growing up?

Benji: My Chemical Romance were a big one that we were all into when we first started out we were all massively into Blink as well. It would probably be silly for me not to mention Jimmy Eat World as well, definitely personally anyway.

Nick: Green Day were a huge part of my early music life, I still remember listening to their album on a school trip in year 7!


Which city is your favourite to spend summer in?

Benji: Probably London, there’s just something about the place that’s really amazing.

Nick: I spent a couple of weeks in a city called Boulder in Colorado, USA and loved every minute of every day! In England, I would say York though. It’s home really, and it’s just so beautiful.


What advice would you give your 13-year-old self?

Benji: Stop trying to copy what other bands are doing and just do your own thing. That and throw away the goddamn yellow shirt.

Nick: Work hard and always strive to reach your goals!


What’s been your favourite experience of your time as a band to date?

Benji: The last couple of tours have been great for us, especially now we have Nick.

Nick: Every minute of it, but I would say working on the 3rd EP with the boys, and working with both Kieron Pepper (The Prodigy) and Phil Gornell (All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon).


What is 2017 going to hold for you?

Benji: We just came out of the studio, we’ve wrapped our third EP, this one’s going to be really special for us.

Nick: More fun times, and shite memes.


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Written by Nicola Craig

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