Unsuspecting fans of The Vamps, Craig David and Jess Glynne are surprised with live Lift Music!

Who would have thought something boring like taking the lift would turn into something great? These lucky fans of The Vamps, Craig David and Jess Glynne certainly did not. They got their own surprise performance and a whole new meaning to lift music.

The BBC created a short series called ‘Lift Music’ to surprise music lovers. The fans initially thought they were going to a music focus group. Music began playing in the lift while it was “stuck”.  Unknowingly to the fans, their favourite artist was playing live lift music on the other side of the door!

Fans had a shock taking a lift in a car park to be met with Craig David doing a surprise gig, whilst The Vamps played their catchy song ‘Wake Up’ in the financial district. Once fans heard this playing they started singing along. This only added to their surprise once the doors opened! Jess Glynne surprised fans at The Shard. Visiting The Shard is an incredible experience alone. However, Jess definitely gave an unforgettable performance at the top of it, leaving fans speechless.

The Vamps showed they enjoy surprising fans while talking to the BBC,

“We always love finding ways of surprising our dedicated fans, but Lift Music has to be one of the more unusual ones we’ve done. They really seemed to enjoy themselves. As they came out of the lift, they genuinely seemed to have no idea what was happening and their faces just lit up with excitement.”

All of the fans certainly had an experience like no other. Dancing and singing along with your favourite artist at a private gig? Sign us up! Make sure you check out the ‘Lift Music’ episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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Written by CelebMix