Over the Atlantic takes over CelebMix’s Twitter

The lads from upcoming band Over the Atlantic were recently granted access to CelebMix’s Twitter account and a whole lot of fun ensued. Charlie, Sean, Gabriel and Liam answered their fans’ questions in an hour-long Q&A session, using the hashtag #CelebMixOTA.

In case you missed out on the fun, we’ve compiled the best tweets from the boys in a quick recap.



It started off tamely enough. The boys tweeted the hashtag and the questions just started flooding in from their devoted fans.

Band Name Explanation

“Over the Atlantic” is quite an obscure name, so Charlie took the time to demystify the meaning behind it. (Quite clever, right?)


Looking at the big picture, Liam enlightened us with the band’s long-term goal: to create enjoyable music for all. That’s pretty admirable.

Frank Ocean and Zayn Malik

No surprises here: the boys would love to perform with icons like Ocean and Malik. Who can blame them?

Giam? Labe?

Boybands aren’t too unfamiliar with internal bromances and Over the Atlantic is no exception. Liam answered this fan’s questions about the bromances within the band, spilling about his unrequited love for Gabriel. We’ll bring you updates as this story progresses.

Band Love

From band to band, Sean and Charlie confess their admiration for the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer boys. Is this a potential collaboration in the pipeline? We hope so.


Sorry on behalf of Charlie, Charlie’s mother.

Puns Galore

Goddammit, Liam.


What’s a Twitter takeover without selfies? Liam and Sean delivered the goods.


Well, that just about wraps up Over the Atlantic’s Twitter takeover. There were only so many moments we could fit into one compilation, so head over to our Twitter page to fill in the blanks!

Stay tuned as Over the Atlantic continues to steal the hearts of many, all across the globe — even over the Atlantic. Follow the boys here to keep up to date with their latest adventures.

Did any of the boys answer your question? Did you have fun? Let us know by tweeting us at @CelebMix!

Written by Uyen