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Everything We Know About Kim Petras’ Upcoming New Releases

Kim Petras is on a roll!

The trans singer-songwriter has blessed us continuously throughout her career with at least one new song per month and apparently this beautiful tradition is set to continue in the new year, too.

After having been featured on the massive Cheat Codes collaboration “Feeling of Falling” back in November and after debuting a spooktakular Halloween mixtape titled “TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1”, in October, we are now inching closer and closer to Petras’ first original music release this year. That is, of course, if you do not count the remix EP issued for “Feeling of Falling” in January, which featured remixes by legends such as Steve Aoki and Justin Caruso.

Kim Petras first hinted at new music on January 9th when she filmed herself lip-syching to a new track.

Listen to the snippet down below:

?— KIM PETRAS (@kimpetras) 9. Januar 2019

This track is what we can now safely assume as one of her two recorded collaborations with producer SOPHIE, titled “We Don’t Stop”.

According to an interview given by the singer back last summer, the two have been busy in the studio together and ended up with at least two songs: the aforementioned “We Don’t Stop” and “It’s Your Life”.

Over the last couple of days, Kim Petras furthermore revealed the release date on Twitter for the new music as Februar 7th. She also mentioned that “it’ll b[e] the Sophie collab but also more”.

Feb 7th ?— KIM PETRAS (@kimpetras) 25. Januar 2019

Yes it’ll b the Sophie collab but also more ??— KIM PETRAS (@kimpetras) 27. Januar 2019

Fans quickly speculated what the “more” might consist of.

Petras denied that “TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 2” is coming just now. Multi-talent and long-time collaborator lil aaron, on the other hand, might have given us a hint at what is to come. He quickly commented under Petras’ post two attentive eyes which she replied in affirmative based on her choice of emojis. She also retweeted lil aaron’s tweet saying “kim petrasssss and lil aaaaaaaron”, a lyric from their second song together titled “ANYMORE”. The latter was featured on lil aaron’s EP “ROCK$TAR FAMOU$”.

?— DARK MATTER EP OUT NOW (@lilaaron911) 27. Januar 2019

kim petrasssss and lil aaaaaaaron— DARK MATTER EP OUT NOW (@lilaaron911) 27. Januar 2019

To conclude: Based on the tweets, we are definitely getting the SOPHIE collaboration “We Don’t Stop” on Februar 7th and another surprise release that may include lil aaron. Will it be a “Faded” or an “ANYMORE” 2.0?

We will keep you posted, obviously.

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