The Vamps’ James McVey once considered leaving the band

Even though James McVey just finished touring with The Vamps and gearing up to release the band’s third album Day and Night on July 14th, he was not always loving life in the band. In an interview conducted with British news radio

In an interview with British news radio station LBC, McVey said that personal struggles that he was dealing with almost caused him to quit the group.

These struggles happened when the group was touring in the United States. He said that things were just building and building for him. James struggles were even spilling on stage and he even lost sleep because of his struggles.
McVey continued to say that opening up to Brad, Connor, and Tristan about what he was going through helped him.

“It took me a lot to speak to Brad. I remember we were sitting on a windowsill. I’m really struggling man. I don’t know if I can do this.”

James went on to say it was not because he was not getting along with the guys, he liked the music and the fans are amazing but he felt it was just something that was making him feel a certain way.
James’ bandmates helped him through his tough time. This proves that the Vamps’ brotherhood is strong and it shows how much they genuinely care about each other.

If it weren’t for them he would have left the band. McVey’s situation proves that once you talk to someone you will feel better. If you are not feeling yourself talk to someone and you will feel better and you will have a positive mindset.
On a positive note, we are excited for The Vamps’ new album Day and Night. Be sure to buy it on July 14th.

Written by CelebMix