The Vamps Release ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ Music Video

As many of you may know, The Vamps lads have recorded the soundtrack which will accompany the new ‘Kung Fu Panda’ movie entitled ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’, which will be hitting cinemas in the UK this March.

For the movie, they did a cover of the classic song ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, saying it was an ‘honour’ to be covering such an iconic song. Their version is indeed a very, very good one!

The track will feature in the brand new movie when the credits roll – we’re sure that many fans will go just to hear the boys!

They unveiled the teaser for the music video on their YouTube channel over a week ago, which you can view yourselves here.


If that isn’t enough for you – they also attended the Kung Fu Panda 3 premiere in America which took place a few days before the teaser release.

At this premiere, they indeed took some lovely photos!

The Vamps Unveil New Video 2 The Vamps Unveil New Video 4

We also saw some of their amazing kung fu moves which are also sported in the video!

The Vamps Unveil New Video 3 The Vamps Unveil New Video 5

For the release of the video, they partnered up exclusively with The Sun for the premiere.

We were entitled to some great moments in this video which can be seen below;

From Brad taking a lovely bath..

The Vamps Release New Video 1

To James having a bite to eat..

The Vamps Release New Video 2

AND this highly entertaining moment!

The Vamps Release New Video 3

Overall, there are more great moments included in the video which you will have to watch to see for yourselves. This music video will definitely make you happy if you are a fan of the lovely lads. It is definitely one to watch.

This video can be watched on The Sun’s website by following the direct link.

Let us know what you think of the new video! Do you like it?

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