Vaping as a part of a modern pop culture and why it becomes so popular among young performers

Pop culture usually embraces what is trending among the mainstream population. Some of the categories that are closely related to this enterprise include music, TV series, movies, fashion, technology, slang, and video games. No wonder that popular culture has long been associated with young people.  

The latest thing that has taken its place in a history of pop culture is vaping. Vape mods can be often seen in media. Music videos and movies feature celebrities and other people blowing the clouds of vapor. Of course, it’s an example of product placement. But isn’t it a prominent display? This is a way to market different wares specifically to teenagers.

Many stars have been spotted with top vape mods in real life. Fans are inclined to follow the trends that their celeb crushes support. That leads to a rapid growth of vaping’s popularity.

It can’t go unnoticed when such influencers like Leonardo Dicaprio, Katy Perry, and Johnny Depp switch to a new smoking alternative. You probably remember the Titanic actor vaping at the Golden Globe and the SAG Awards. As well as Miley Cyrus entertaining us with a story about how the actor refused to share his vape pen with her.  

Perhaps this case has encouraged the ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker to buy the one for herself. Cyrus has shown off her vaporizer for the cameras several times.

We know that Rihanna would rather be smoking weed than a conventional cigarette. But even she couldn’t resist the temptation to try the best vape mod.

Lady Gaga used to be a smoker. Now she’s often captured with an e-cig in her hand.

But Katy Perry is definitely the queen of vaping in pop culture. Few know that one of the biggest names in pop music used to be a smoker. She chose to vape as it doesn’t affect the voice the way smoking does.

Just like Leo, Katy has been spotted by paparazzi with her e-cig at various places, be it a pool, a club, or the red carpet. Perhaps, the first time the pop diva was photographed using her device was her own Labor Day Party in 2011. Dressed in a bright summer outfit, she was vaping with style. The singer also brought her e-cig at the Golden Globe 2016 where she shared it with her then-boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

There are dozens of other celebrities who have been caught vaping in the last few years. The list is steadily increasing. They talk about their new hobby as an effective tool to quit smoking while giving interviews. The most viral examples of such advocacy are Katherine Heigl vaping on air on “The Late Show with David Letterman” an Snoop Dog diving Conan O’Brien his herb vaporizer at the late night show.

Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Indeed, vaping is more common than smoking among teenagers. Instagram and YouTube are full of videos of young people puffing on their vape mod kits. Aside from being a preferable choice of many celebs, electronic smoking devices have a handful of qualities that make them especially appealing.

  • The abundant variety of flavors

Delicious e-liquids that taste like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or bubble gum are definitely intriguing. Some DIY hobbyists buy the ingredients and create their own flavors.

  • Voluminous vapor

Those who get accustomed to vaping sometimes start to feel that the wispy vapor from pen-sized and cig-a-like devices is not enough. Producing massive clouds become more and more appealing. It makes the process more entertaining, adding the game element.

  • Cloud Chasing

A competitive sport is growing in popularity among vaping enthusiasts. It’s not only about producing the biggest, thickest and baddest plumes of vapor. The major goal is to demonstrate the mind-blowing tricks. You can see the examples on the Instagram account @vaustinl of Austin Lawrence. The boy is one of the bests in this so-called sport.

The “pop star” vape tricksters like to entertain the audience. Like Lady Gaga, they live for the applause.

These contests encourage other young people to learn various tricks. Most of them do it as a personal challenge and don’t take part in competitions.

  • Secrecy

Electronic smoking gadgets attract the attention of school-goers because they are small, easy to use, and discrete enough to hide. One can take the best vape to school and avoid being caught by their teacher as well as by parents at home. Besides, some e-liquids are odorless. That’s a great advantage of vape products over tobacco.  

  • Savings

Unlike traditional cigarettes which have a natural stop mechanism — they burn to the end — vape box mod can re-filled and reused. It’s cheaper to buy one device and then buy a bottle of e-liquid every month than paying regularly for the packs of cigarettes.

  • A safer option

Smoking involves burning of a tobacco leaf. It emits tar and toxic chemicals. It’s not an issue with vaping. Nothing is burned, just heated. And while it can’t be called a completely safe thing, it’s definitely healthier.

  • Part of the community

Like any other phenomenon, vaping has developed into a lifestyle. Clothes with a stylish logo and/or funny statement will help you identify a vape aficionado in the crowd. There are special shops and lounges where they meet to talk about the latest industry news and creations. The community is also active online, and one can join several groups on social nets.

Final thoughts

Though vaping is at its peak, it’s still not researched properly. Current studies have contrast results. So, there’s no clear answer on whether vaping is totally safe. Still, the activity is becoming more and more widespread among school and college students. And pop culture plays an important role in promoting this new hobby among the youth.

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