Vaping Travel Essentials – Everything You Need To Know

For most vapers, traveling without their vape devices may make their travel less fun. However, you can choose to travel with your vape device and other accessories if permitted by the flight you’re boarding and the country or state you’re visiting.

For travelers within Europe, Canada, Mexico, or the United States, you may have few problems because vaping is legal in most parts of these countries. It is critical to know what to do and expect for a seamless and enjoyable traveling experience when traveling with your vape device.

What Do I Need to Do Before Traveling with my Vape Device?

Research Properly Before Traveling with Your Vape Devices

Whatever transportation means you aim to explore, be it by air, train, etc., it is advisable to find out the policy for vaping. Vaping areas are provided in some airports while vaping is completely banned in other airports.

It is also prohibited to carry e-cigarettes in your checked baggage. Most airport authorities advise that you carry your vape devices in your hand luggage and place it in a transparent plastic bag as you make your way past security.

Avoid going with your vape devices to places where it is banned to prevent getting in trouble with the law. You may see a no-smoking sign in some airports but may not find a “no vaping sign.”

Some airport authorities may classify smoking and vaping as one unless otherwise mentioned. There are fines for vaping inside the plane since it is prohibited.

If you are caught with your vaping device, you may face jail time for flying to a foreign country that prohibits vaping. So it is best to do proper research before traveling.

Know The Number of Supplies You May Need for The Duration of Your Travel

Before packing and arranging your vape devices and other supplies in your bag, you must know the number of supplies you may need.

Suppose you may be spending a long time. In that case, you may go with additional supplies that may last you for your travel duration, especially if you may not be able to purchase additional supplies in your travel location.

However, if you will be moving with additional e-liquids and other vaping supplies, ensure they are properly wrapped to prevent spilling.

Carefully Wrap Your Vaping Devices

Before arranging your vape devices and supplies in your hand luggage for travel, it is essential to wrap them in a soft cloth or bubble wrap. Ensure you wrap all the accessories properly, including the mod and vape tank.

Before placing your vape juice in your bag, ensure you wrap it with a plastic wrap or wrap bottle. You may place the wrapped bottle containing the vape juice inside a freezer bag made of plastic to preserve the e-liquid.

Pack and Properly Arrange Your Vaping Devices, Accessories, and Supplies

After wrapping your vape devices and supplies, you can proceed to arrange them in your bag. When packing your vaping supplies and gear, it is essential to prevent vape juice from spilling into your luggage.

All your vape supplies should be dry before placing them inside your bag. To ensure they are well protected and kept dry, you can place them inside waterproof pouches.

If you are going out to a damp location like beaches, or swimming pools, ensure you place your vaping gear inside the waterproof pouches. The e-juice should be placed inside a dry bag with a waterproof seal.

Most skiers, campers, rafters, and other fun-lovers carry dry bags to keep their sensitive devices dry and safe. You may also try out a protective vape case that meets your vape device’s specification for proper storage when traveling.

Precautions To Take When Traveling with Your Vaping Devices

If you are traveling with your vaping devices, it is advisable to charge the battery fully before proceeding to the airport. It is not allowed to charge your vape devices when inside the airplane.

As a precautionary measure, you should ensure that your refillable pod or vape tank is not full to avoid spilling the vape juice due to pressure from the plane. It is also critical to turn off your vape device when traveling to avoid any form of misfiring.

The batteries of your vape devices should be removed. You do not want it to turn on if the power button is accidentally activated. If you utilize a wax vape pen, the battery should be completely drained or remove the chamber from the mod.

What To Keep in Mind When Traveling with Your Vape Devices by Train or Bus

We have provided several tips for traveling with your vape devices by air. You also have to follow specific rules when traveling by either bus or train. Your vaping devices and accessories may require additional protection.

Hence, you may consider wrapping them inside a soft cloth or towel. It is advisable to place the vaping device and supplies in an easily accessible part of your bag. It allows you to retrieve the e-cigarette whenever you want to vape conveniently.

However, you should ensure you have the right to vape under such circumstances to prevent any legal issues.

What Types of Vapes are Best for Traveling?

If you want to travel with your vape device, it is advisable to travel with a device that is portable and easy to store in your bag. You may choose disposable vapes or their discreet vape devices that you may place inside your bag without attracting unnecessary attention.

Some vape devices are designed to look like your everyday item.

Written by Monella