Velvet Caviar Launches Keychains with Matching Cases

Velvet Caviar, if you didn’t know, is simply brilliant! So much so that the brand has been featured in lots of well-regarded publications like Popsugar, Bustle, and Vogue.

Recently, they’ve added a new product to their already extensive (and oh-so-popular) line. What is it, we hear you ask? Keychains! Trust us, people have been going crazy over them.

What Makes Them Special?

Other than their cute, colourful designs (which we’ll talk about later), the keychains match with their AirPod and iPhone cases! What does this mean for you? Well, now you can be as stylish as those Instagram models you love so much. You can’t ask for more than that.

Aside from this, they come with a 365-day warranty! For a keychain, we think this is unbelievably generous.

Just think how often you bash your car keys on the door or carelessly throw them into your bag. It’s a lot, right? Scrapes, scratches, and damages are going to occur and Velvet Caviar will send you a brand-new one, no questions asked!

The Unique Designs

You can’t find them anywhere else, we promise.

The main aspect of keychains is decoration, right? So, we figured we should talk about a few of the designs so you can get an idea of their range.

If you’re already a Velvet Caviar fan, you probably know all about this by now so you’re welcome to skip ahead! But for those who aren’t sucked into this gorgeous, Insta-worthy brand yet, let’s get started.

Quick little note: We’re just going to talk about three of our favourites. But just know that there are tons to choose from!

We Stand United (BLM Keychain)

The main thing we like about this one is that 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Black Lives Matter campaign. Yep, you read that right.

As far as the actual design goes, it features the Black Lives Matter fist in 3 colour shades. Plus, you get a “We Stand United” engraved quote on the back of this gorgeous enamel piece.

Oh, and did we mention — when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Cutesy Rainbow

You guessed it, this one is a beautifully bright enamel rainbow. It features two clouds on either end, as well as a detachable silver Velvet Caviar charm.

What we love about this option is that it matches perfectly with the marbled rainbow AirPods case. It’s great for your Instagram aesthetic.

Barbell Weight

If you’re a gym lover like us, the barbell keychain will become your new best friend.

It features a black 45-pound barbell weight that shows you are into fitness. Strong and proud, right?

Just like the rainbow one, it comes with a detachable silver Velvet Caviar charm. It’ll make your workout buddies swoon we promise you that.

At the end of the day, all their designs are cute, yet retain a degree of elegance and class. Each one will bring fashion to your keys so they’re no longer an ugly nuisance in your bag or car.

Fabulous Functionality and Fantastic Form

When companies focus on design as much as these guys do, it’s easy to fall short where form, functionality, and feeling are concerned. But Velvet Caviar hasn’t fallen prey to this common mistake!

Instead of receiving a tacky, plastic-y keychain that you could have won from an arcade machine, you’ll be sent a delightfully strong, enamel-coated one. This makes them perfect for throwing into your bag, keeping them in your travel wallet, and much more. (Yes, all while safely securing your car keys and your house keys).

Alongside all of these astounding benefits, they are easy to find after you toss them into your handbag! You might be wondering “how does this work”. Well, the emblems are small enough to not get in the way but are big enough for you to grab them no matter where they’re hiding. Trust us, if you’ve got a bag like a tardis, they’ll help you.

Current Velvet Caviar fans have been falling in love with the keychain addition to the VC family ever since they were launched. It’s understandable. And we’re sure they’re going to be a major hit with you now too!

Written by CelebMix