Victoria Canal Drops Enthralling ‘Victoria EP’

Differently-abled LBGTQ pop artist Victoria Canal probes the nuances of self-worth on her just-released EP, Victoria, following on the heels of her hit single, “Drama,” which Nike featured in its Nike Fearless Ones campaign.

Speaking about the EP, Victoria shares, “The entire Victoria EP is an exploration of my ‘self-worth meter,’ how it functions in two modes like an on-off switch. But also, how all these different parts of a person can coexist with each other – I can be a blissed-out yogi, and also an awkward mess. I can feel like my own best friend, but also like my arch-nemesis.”

Nike utilized Victoria’s music to promote their Jordan Flyease, a shoe aimed at athletes with disabilities, which simultaneously focused attention on Victoria’s objective of championing asymmetrical or differently-abled artists.

Featured in both the Huffington Post and Rolling Stone, along with CNN’s Español’s Proyecto Ser Humano, Victoria has been invited to appear at the Academy Awards, sing the national anthem at MSG/Rangers games, and join forces with Michael Franti. She also performed on Billboard’s In-Studio Session.

 Encompassing six-tracks, the EP starts off with “Redo,” opening on low-slung shimmering tones exuding creamy R&B flavors. Victoria’s voice delivers exotic-laced textures teeming with tantalizing sensuous timbres.

“Second” percolates with coruscating pop colors undulating atop a contagious, measured rhythm. “Drama” travels on a Latin-lite beat, while Victoria’s luscious voice infuses the lyrics with scrumptious breathtaking tones.

The title track ripples on wavering synths, while Victoria narrates her soul-searching lyrics with breathy conviction. “Favor” changes direction, featuring soothing sonic coloration akin to a lullaby or musical prayer. Tender with soft affection, Victoria’s voice is exquisitely alluring as she asks someone to fall in love with her.

The highlight of Victoria is Victoria’s spellbinding voice, rich and crystalline, yet pressing with charismatic trimmings projecting palpable energy and elegance.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.